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    2020 F1 season thread

    1.2 seconds!!!!! And ouch Ferrari :/
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    2020 F1 season thread

    Looking forward to it! I hope they add some more tracks usually not visited by f1!
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    2020 F1 season thread

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    2020 F1 season thread

    Why??? Both for Renault and alonso... And so much for ocon his career... he's not better than stoffel! Alonso will drive circles around him (but so will the badger this year)
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    Idiots + cars = LOL

    i don't understand how people do that i've also forgotten to put my car in neutral/kill the engine/made a mistake/whatever when you release the cluth when you think all is off, you're not carefull, and each time i just killed my engine or is it because i don't have 400bhp on tap? but it's not...
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    The Gun thread

    it took me waaaaay to long to realise that's a flint-style gun! :shock: what a beaty! i'm surprised you are allowed to hunt with such old hardware
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    Idiots + cars = LOL

    Those roll over hoops just pierce the body? You better not have them engaged by accident! (I remember VBH driving some topless Merc, and those hoops shot up because she took a curb too hard) I think that deserved a highlight :)
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    and they all use local water? then the beer must either be really artificial, or taste different between breweries!
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    2020 Corvette C8 Unveiled

    We also get the Cruze and volt, and you can also get Cadillacs! although I wouldn't know where...
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    Ownership Verified: The wait was long enough: leviathan's Tesla Model 3 Performance

    Tesla doesn't offer WiFi at their supercharger stations? McDonald's does in their restaurants! ;)
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    Ownership Verified: Plug Me In, Daddy - Another Tesla Model 3 Performance

    What are rim protectors? A tire with some sidewall? :P
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    2020 F1 season thread

    It's a pitty they again turned down the reverse grid thingy. I really hate it in wsbk, so I'm sure I'll hate it for f1 as well, but if there is one time to try out things, it's now!
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    The Big Rig thread!

    how the hell does he see where he's going!?
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    Today I Learnt...

    fancy trailer if it has a basement to hide the bombs :D
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    Daniel Abt guilty of using a ringer to drive for him in Formula E esport race

    I also think it's a bit of an overreaction What TK did to Sainz in the indy race, was way worse if you ask me, but that passed with a grin and a shrug Several drivers said now they're contemplating if they should continue with the eraces. For most of them it's still a game and a time-passer...