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    Dreaded cyclists

    He should try to recreate that pic... ...better prepare a crane to get him off again :D
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    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    I didn't know that was allowed for Brits :shock:
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    Covid 19 CRISIS

    I doubt anyone in NZ sees this as a negative :D
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    Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

    Glass roof is a free option because "I do not want to force 4kg on the customer" :lmao:
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    Idiots + cars = LOL

    1. If it freezes, the parking brake cable might freezes in the cable guide, making it impossible to disengage the parking break 2. The parking at my work, is on a (slight) slope. It happens often people arrive and put the car on parking break...discs cool down, losing width, making the parking...
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    2020 F1 season thread

    Despite a spin in Q2, another pole for Hamilton... Not much else to add, except Ricciardo who had his chassis replaced after the team discovered a hairline fracture, and they had to break the curfew to do so, which you are only allowed to do twice a year. If you ask me, if you replaced the...
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    2020 F1 season thread

    Go stoffel? They don't use many words on it, but this article...
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    Covid 19 CRISIS

    and we only have 1/8th of your population! :/
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    Covid 19 CRISIS

    i think we are approaching our next lockdown... in june we managed to have about 80-90 new cases a day by now we're over 400 again...
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    2020 F1 season thread

    portugal, penis?
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    Volkswagen can face dieselgate claims where cars bought, EU court rules

    i had no idea that normally you can only sue someone in the country the defendant is domiciled makes no sense, if a company decides to provide a product to a certain market, they should be able to be sued on that country if they fuck up!
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    apparently they're both rebranded mitsubishi's...maybe it was a package deal? "you want the pickup, you take the coupe as well!" :D
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    i don't know that car! *opens google* why are there 2 cars (made in the same year) that have the same name???
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    CNC Machines control the CNC manually??? how does that work? you either have wheels you turn to operate a machine like that manually, or it's digital, controlled by a program how can you have enough accuracy to make something nice, if it's controlled by hardwarebuttons? or is this just to...
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    Cool Videos

    i raise! [/media]