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    2017 Singapore Grand Prix

    Wow what an gift to Hamilton. I would say that it was pure race incident. Vettel could't know that Raikkonen was next to Verstappen. Shame.
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    2017 Belgian Grand Prix

    These 2017 cars are not really made for good racing aren't they? Seems to be painfully hard to follow cars in front. Anyway Perez and Ocon were back at it doing totally stupid things on track. They really are lucky that there seems to be no team to really challenge them for 4th place in WCC...
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    2016 Brasilian Gp

    Good job by Perez, Sainz and Nasr! Rest was meh. RB should fought for the win because that car was silly fast there. I hope that after this race Pirelli will bring some proper wet tires, because this show today was embarrassing. This should be pinnacle of motorsport...
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    2016 Belgian Grand Prix

    Well that first lap collision really ruined this race as Ferrari's might had something on Merc's here... Many put the blame on Vettel but to me dive bombing Verstapped was more at fault there. Those things tend to happen on first lap, but it did totally spoil the race. Rest of the driving from...
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    2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

    So Button got an DT and Rosberg 10 sec penalty for the same violation of a rule that shouldn't even exist. Way to go F1. Surprising that there isn't even investigation of Verstappen blocking Kimi.. Race itself was an typical Hungaroring.
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    2016 Monaco Grand Prix

    To me it seemed that rain just got heavier because they did show Alonso and he went very slow in the latter part of the last lap.
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    2016 Monaco Grand Prix

    In the end it was just an another Merc win. Meh... How dare Pirelli call those tyres ultrasofts? Ham had something like 40 laps on them. Race was great when it was wet but it was such a shame that track dried up. RB made colossal mistake and Rosberg was nowhere. Perez and Alonso were drivers...
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    2016 Spanish Grand Prix

    It was so painful to see Ferraris so slow in the last corner, but I put the blame on the track. It is nearly impossible to overtake there if the pace of the cars are somewhat close. I feel pretty pissed now that Kimi was so close taking the win today, but unless Max making mistake it would have...
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    I just finished playing...

    Fallout 4 So I did put just about 100 hours in this one and completed and collected pretty much everything (got all achievements and my gameplay is 99% completed). I had been waiting for this long time and had to get next gen console just for this game. At first I was amazed and disappointed at...
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    Random Thoughts... [Entertainment Edition]

    It is just an mishmash of sex and murders. There must be somekind of an plot there too, I just havent really found it...
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    MotoGP [possible spoilers]

    Not cool Marc...
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    I just finished playing...

    SBK Generations (2012) I just finished playing SBK Generations which was really good RR simulation game. Some years ago I played the MotoGP 07 and this was huge improvement from that. Careet mode consists 4 seasons from 2009 season to 2012 season. I started from Superstock 1000 then world...
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    Cars you are ashamed to like publically (or that no one else likes)

    Opel Monza! <3 Those Opel's are super rare. I have never seen one on the road. Well maybe once actually. Seat Ibiza SXI: I am not ashamed to like this car, but not many does remember/know about these gems anymore. The version with 100hp 1.5 litre is a fun little car.
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    MotoGP [possible spoilers]

    Well the MotoGP championship was decided in Malysia, but in a way you wouldnt expect. Lorenzo has this in the bag now. Is Marc still mad because of the Assen race or what? He has been slowing down Rossi for two races now. Well I guess both of them got what they deserved... Lorenzo should...
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    Random Thoughts... [Entertainment Edition]

    This waiting has been too long! It just seems that the game has too much everything. :lol: I just hope I can change lone survivors voice, because one voice to choose would limit character build. I always make stealthy sniper guy, so I hope this has stealt elements too. Some of the trailers...