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  • Things are OK, hope your end calms down a bit. Just missing you around here so thought I'd check in :D
    Well, I shall think positive thoughts for you and send them your way. That's about the best I can do from here....

    You don't know me, but I heard you work at a Saab dealership? If you don't, feel free to add this to the junkmail-folder.

    Anyway, I've been looking to get into the car sales-business myself here in Finland. If you don't mind, I'd appreciate some input on a few things?

    How is the wage normally formed? Do you have a basic wage and provision per sale on top?

    Is the job enjoyable? Or in other words, is it an enjoyable challenge to make sales? How much can you guys find new clients? Sure there's calling up different companies for corporate sales, but is private sales only about people walking into the shop?

    Again, I appreciate any answers or insights you have time for!

    -Janne Pitk?nen
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