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  • It's already been well over a month... but I'm starting to get a hankering for home. I came here for a few things that haven't exactly panned out... probably not that suitable for discussion on our profiles. :p
    I dunno, just got sick of Vancouver in a variety of ways I suppose, including the weather. The plan was always to drive down here and see if and how long I wanted to stay, and so far I'm enjoying it here.
    Yeah, I heard it warmed up a bit... still, I'm thinking nowhere near the 30 degree high we had today in SoCal. :mrgreen:

    I hadn't heard about the shooting, just read the news. Damn, that's troubling. We pretend Vancouver is so safe and idyllic, but this gang war is going on 2 years now...
    So then... I hear good old Vancouver's gotten just a tad chilly as of late? :tease:
    Well, doing it alone isn't really my preference, but since I haven't anyone to tag along with me it's either doing it by myself or not doing it at all.

    So are you back in Van then?
    No, I'm hoping to leave Monday morning. Frantically trying to get things done... this always happens to me before a trip but it's not much a problem because I can crash once I get on the plane... no such luck when you're driving your own ass 2,500km. :D
    I don't know much, but enough to maybe answer that question. :p

    I was going to tell you to ask in the photography section since there's some real knowledgeable guys in there, but I don't think you'd get anywhere asking them because Canon vs. Nikon is basically like Mac vs. PC. They're both good and compete well, it just depends what brand you want to buy.

    The Canon does have a few more megapixels and it seems like the regular price is a bit higher than the Nikon, so that might be the better choice. But I'd still go Nikon since I'm a fanboy.
    Which bike? :lol: They're both sitting, the Honda only needs a new coil and then it should be ready to go. My friend's painting most of it for me. And the Yamaha's locked away for the winter :cry:
    Indeed it has... where in the world are you these days? I remember you said you wouldn't be back here for a long while... no matter, you're not missing much other than a gang war and what seems like an impending flu pandemic. :p
    I should neg-rep the shit out of you for that! :x

    But it's Christmas anyway. :p Hope you're having a good one too.
    Man, you have no idea how much I laughed at that... I like how his pants aren't off, they're just pulled down.

    Were you able to get anywhere with this snow?
    Yeah, been here a few months now.

    Thanks for the commendation, it really does bother me how backwardly some people think. A while ago someone gave me a negative rep for something I posted in the politics section; the comment said "why am I not surprised that you are from the liberal capital of the world, Vancouver?" :lol:

    Anyway, I hope you are moving to a drier climate. :D
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