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  • Ciao Major Cabigan,

    saw your episode with James May...totally awesome!
    It's sentimental but still informative.

    one of the coolest jobs in the world and least mentioned.

    I am very proud of you!
    I think you came from the same country as i do.
    It is truly an honour to have you on this forum! It must have been great to work with James. I bet he is exactly the same in real life as on the telly.
    Well wanted to say thanks for all the great info youve provided us with about the loads of questions haha, its quite amazing what you do and I find it just incredible.

    The show was spectacular and it the U-2 flight was stunning, and wishI was able to do that haha.

    Well im working towards becoming a pilot and hopefully one day ill be at the 35,000ft level xD Or mabey I may be higher hehe.

    Well its great having you here and safe flying!
    "Car: Honda(s)"

    To quote Clarkson from his interview with Damon Hill: "Why do you all, after living at 300mph, drive *******?" :lol:
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