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    [09x07] May 22nd, 2006

    tiff racing backwards is going to be great! these are the bits that are making me enjoy FG more and more...
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    [08x02] May 14th, 2006

    Well, this thread has tilted towards a discussion between the likes of american and european car lovers, and maybe some of the comments i made continued the discussions. we won't agree in some preferences, or conceptions about how a car should be, what we like, or which car we would buy, but we...
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    [08x02] May 14th, 2006

    When I said I found insulting a comparison between a Ferrari and a Corvette I didn't intend to sound out of the line, but I do consider it rather too much to say there's no difference between a Ferrari and a Corvette considering the history - both in the streets and on tracks - the segment to...
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    [08x04] May 28th, 2006

    It looks like a good episode indeed. I want to see that Z4M. The only thing is that I would also like to see new stars in the "star in a reasonably-priced car" segment, maybe both a newcomer and a star who raced the Liana at the same time. About James May barely appearing, it seems as if the...
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    [09x06] May 15th, 2006

    I'm sorry i forgot to make some further comments... (i think this cold i have is damaging my neurons)... I liked Tom's bit, in the previous I thought it was going to be boring, but i found it quite amusing indeed. The last thing is that i too think they should invite more stars or famous...
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    [08x02] May 14th, 2006

    I've always preferred TG over FG and BY A LOT. This week, however, I found TG totally dull. It was a boring episode, full of nonesense and filler segments. The testing of the Z06 was great and the Corvette really surprised me, though the handling isn't as good as a European car. The only thing...
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    [09x06] May 15th, 2006

    The cars presented were great, but the way they analysed them and showed them was very poor IMO. I mean, Tiff's comments about the quattroporte were just referred to the gearbox and not much to the design, speed, handling, etc. The M5 vs. M6 segment was soo boring and incomplete. By the way, in...
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    New BMW Concept

    i like it, not that i would buy it, but it has that retro style... looks like it could be the car for "the godfather IV" if they were to make that sequel of the movie hehe, looks like a mob car but i agree, those front headlamps looks great! i think more cars should use proper LEDs instead of...
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    [09x08] May 29th, 2006

    yep. a bit of a copy, but hope they make it right! jason's bit will be quite interesting. the rest i seriously think fits more in the news than in this kind of tv shows, but apparently between this and jon bentley's segment, they always want to control our emotions so that we don't get too...
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    [09x06] May 15th, 2006

    the girls driving, i think, will be either hilarious or pathetic but at least the crash will be some fun. for what we saw in the preview, jason's face and his attempt to avoid crashing were very funny. jon bentley's bit uhm is looking quite uhm informative, yes... bah! they should simply cut...
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    [08x02] May 14th, 2006

    that reasonably priced car seems out of control! some star is gonna have a nasty crash. i mean, i hated the liana, and this is a bit more powerful, and looks a bit better, but the handling doesn't seem that steady.
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    [09x05] May 8th, 2006

    overall, i did enjoy this episode. however, the section that i thought was a bit dull was the british car collector bit. i mean, the cars he has are great (and watching two ccr for one person after seeing the ccx in top gear, that was great), but they didn't show the cars much, and was just...
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    [08x01] May 7th, 2006

    hi everybody. had a busy week studying for exams (i'm in third year medicine). well, all my comments about this episode have been pretty much said, i just think it was a great ep?sode and although i too found some scenes a bit short, it was because they wanted to do a lot in a single program...
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    Red Bull Track Attack Pictures

    Congrats man on that result. Keep it up on the finale! Good pics. too.
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    Caparo T1

    This is one of the closest things to driving an F1 in the streets. No doubt this would be the car to go around, though I wouldn't like to run into a Hummer with this... or would I simply drive beneath it? I looks great though