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    Late Forza Buyer - Best deal for expansion packs?

    Hey guys. So i only just got around to purchasing Forza 4. I'm a little disappointed in the amount of content only available through DLC. My question is, what is the cheapest way to get as much content as I can. Looking at the marketplace there's Season's passes, monthly packs, Porsche Packs...
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    Audi Q3 RS concept revealed

    If they were going to put the RS moniker on one of their SUVs I'd rather it be the Q7. If you're going to make a stupid silly performance SUV may as well go all-out crazy. BMW didn't throw an M badge on the X3.
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    I think we should further elaborate more on the looks of the GTR when compared to the 911. In fact why don't we start discussing performance figures as well, specifically lap times around german circuits. Sound fun everyone? :)
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    Unveiled: 2013 Toyota Avalon - Not Your Old Man's Avalon (Supposedly)

    I've still never understood how they sell any of things. In Canada the current starting price for one is $41,000. A Lexus E350 starts at $42,000. I don't care how old you are or how much dementia you're going through, how do you not choose the Lexus, even if only for the badge.
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    Unveiled: 2014 Chevrolet Impala

    A much needed improvement. Miles ahead of the old one in both interior and exterior.
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Saw my first Chevy Orlando in person today. Was that car designed for midgets and people with no legs? Whoever thought that putting 7 seats in a Cruze was a good idea is a moron. Never have I seen something more cramped inside.
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    Your perfect two car garage (when you were a child)[1].jpg
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    Jalopnik: Lamborghini Unica: For when your Aventador isn't unpractical enough

    What in the fuck is with that rearview mirror sticking out of the bonnet. I can't stop staring at it.
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    Is that a new Jon Olsson Lambo? Awesome.
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    Concept: VW Cross Coupe Concept

    About time someone at VW realized they needed a vehicle to fill the enormous gap between Passat AllTrack and the Tiguan.
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    Autoblog: Streamlined Chrysler minivan lineup to get different branding in U.S. and Canada

    Makes sense to me based entirely on personal observation. Never see T&C's here but Caravans are everywhere. Lots of companies give different names between US and Canada models. VW for instance with the Golf Wagon and Jetta Sportwagon
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    Unveiled: 2012 Honda CR-V

    So is the Crosstour the basis for Honda truck styling from now on?
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    Concept: Honda Micro Commuter Concept

    The Occupant would be reading "Hello" backwards from inside the vehicle. Although once they've cleared that up it looks production-ready.
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    2012 BMW 3 Series

    Looks pissed off. That's a good thing.
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    BMW M3 CRT

    It would get annoying explaining to people how it's some limited edition they've never heard of and not a stock m3 with aftermarket red bits...