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    Do you skip 'star in reasonably-priced car' segment when watching Top Gear?

    I don't watch even when I know who it is. I can't stand talk shows, and I want more cars.
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    Random Motorsports Pictures

    Gotta get some MotoGP representation in here! Rossi overtaking Stoner on the corkscrew last year. Another pic of the two of them.
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    Top Gear - The most pirated tv torrent

    This is the one show that I would actually buy DVD's of, but alas, there are none. I know the reasons for it, but it doesn't mean that it isn't ironic. I yearn to own official DVD's, especially if they had bonus materials, as this is also the only show which I would care about bonus materials...
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    Best season?

    10 followed by 6, like others have said. I liked the content of 6 more, in general, but the production values, cinematography and music selection of 10 just blew my socks off.
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    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

    Taken from a Youtube video of the same song... looks like it was used in many places.
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    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

    Indeed. I knew it was from You Only Live Twice, but couldn't remember the scene it was from. Good call.
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    [11x01] June 22nd, 2008

    It felt like an episode that they cut off of the end of series 9, which is extraordinarily disappointing after the brilliance that was series 10. I hope they return to form in the coming episodes. I remain cautiously optimistic.
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    Season 10 best episode

    10x3 was my fav, definitely in my top 5, because it was so perfectly balanced. Focused on cars the whole time, yet still both funny and awe inspiring.
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    Best futuristic movie cars

    How about a bike? Kaneda's(sp?) bike from Akira.
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    Clarkson: Supercar Showdown - discussion thread

    I thought this was significantly better than his last couple of DVD's. Hell, the G-wiz hitting the table was better all by itself. I had just taken a bite of food when it hit and I nearly choked to death. I was expecting something funny but not that. I was really hoping for some CCX, but oh...
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    How much TopGear do you watch every week?

    The new episode as soon as I download it, then with friends/family, then once or twice more, then the other eps from the current season while I play PGR4 etc., then bits of other eps that I get reminded of, which reminds me of others... 9-13 hours I would say. Pretty much most of the time that...
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    [10x03] October 28th, 2007

    Exquisite. It just goes to show how brilliant they can be when they stick to their roots.
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    Clarkson quote in Project Gotham Racing 4

    Yes, it is. I just finished the Asian Major with it and it was a pain in the ass.
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    Clarkson quote in Project Gotham Racing 4

    Lol, indeed. Especially since the game says "As Jeremy Clarkson notes:" Also, I just noticed that the CCX has the Top Gear Wing on the back. That is something the boys can be proud of.
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    Clarkson quote in Project Gotham Racing 4

    I was just playing PGR4 and was about to use the Koenigsegg(sp?) CCX when I noticed in its description this quote from Jeremy: "Unlike any other supercar, this doesn't feel sanitized or tamed.... It's raw, vicious, unbridled power." Just thought that was kind of cool. I wonder if his kids play...