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  • I need to do some minor things to clean up the interior - new stereo deck, I need to replace the lid on the console, give the interior and exterior a full detailing - and then I want to get a set of Bullitt wheels in either the 17 or 18 inch diameter, and open up the exhaust. I really want to get rid of that third catalytic converter, and install a true dual system, but I think that would be against the law in California. Maybe I can use the dual exhaust system from a Lincoln Mark 8.

    I just found today that my car is paint code PS - Pacific Green. That seems to the same color as your car, but there is an Alpine Green as well for 96 Fords. Do you know what color your car is?

    Oh, and I plan on taking some pictures and uploading them this weekend.
    Thats prettysweet, planning on doing anything major or minor to it? mine's well past it's prime so I'm not too sure
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