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    My uber-sedan (E39 M5 content ITT)

    Yea man, shoot me a PM when you're heading up. Sounds like fun, I'd love to drool over some E30 M3's haha
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    My uber-sedan (E39 M5 content ITT)

    Thanks guys, glad you like it! Just spent some quality time giving her a bath...and touching up a bunch of paint chips on the front end. Reliability has been pretty good actually, all things considered. I've had some clutch issues, but that had to do with aftermarket parts. Cant blame the car...
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    My uber-sedan (E39 M5 content ITT)

    and 2 more :D
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    My uber-sedan (E39 M5 content ITT)

    here's the exceptionally crappy pic I just took with my camera phone. Reads "WAZZAP FINAL GEAR -cburke996"
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    My uber-sedan (E39 M5 content ITT)

    haha yup, that's my baby! Took those one morning heading to Stowe for a day of skiing.
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    My uber-sedan (E39 M5 content ITT)

    ^^Alright, I'll post one up soon enough.
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    My uber-sedan (E39 M5 content ITT)

    Hey all, just joined. Figured I'd post up my car, let me know what you think :D It's an '01 M5, Titanium Silver with Imola Red/Black interior. I've had it for almost three years now, and I've put about 40,000 miles on her. She sits currently at around 104,000 miles. Mods are... Exhaust...
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    Special 'n Limited Editions

    E36 M3 lightweight...yummy!
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    early 90ies power - sedan BATTLE

    I'd do bad things to own a Lotus Carlton. Well, there's my answer, I guess. E34 M5 as a close second though!
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    My friends E34

    doin it right. That E34 looks great!
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    Formula SAE (student formula)

    Wish my school had FSAE. We did manage to get UVM to start a Formula Hybrid team. It's like FSAE, but engine size is limited to 250cc and you have to pair it with an electric motor. In one of the challenges, we are given an amount of fuel and basically which ever team gets the furthest, fastest...
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    Awesomeness commencing...
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    Future classics

    some future classics that I predict: M coupe and M Roadster. nice classic lines, fun high revving powerful N/A I6 First Gen Viper GTS and RT/10: the S2k, of course... I might be biased, but this already seems like a classic. At least compared to all the newer BMW's, this just seems...
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    Where Does Your Car Live?

    Closest thing to a garage that I've got :mrgreen: That door is just big enough to fit my bike's mirrors through!
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    What age did you learn how to drive a stick?

    Man, my dad didn't waste much time teaching me. Actually, I think I learned how to use a clutch/shift first on an early 90's XR80 Honda dirtbike. Couldn't have been much older than 5 or 6, I remember that thing being huge on me! It wasn't long though until my dad had me in our red YJ wrangler 5...