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    Possible controversial opinion - I liked SIARPC

    I know this is something many people will disagree with but I liked top gear having the star in. Reasonably priced car segments. Yes they didn't always work (and many went on too long) but they had a valuable place in the show. They broke up the show very well and provided a much needed change...
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    [17x04] July 17th, 2011

    Alice Cooper, Ross Noble, Sebastian Vettel and Rowan Atkinson in 4 episodes, thats a pretty awesome line up with 4 big names, Ross Noble is by far one of the biggest acts in the UK and Australia), Alice being the original (and still the best) rock showman, vettel the current F1 world champ and...
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    Jezza on Jonathon Ross 28-11-09

    Actually it looks like its gonna be James on HIGNFY as a member of Ians team. Bout time he's bck on last time he was great
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    Petrolheads you'd like to see on Top Gear

    A couple good pairs Piquiet vs Briatore Max vs a page 3 model from the news of the world On a personal note a guy not as closely linked to motorsport but a massive F1 and Ferrari fan and a guitar legend, Eric Clapton
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    [13x06] Ratings

    Its a measure of the success of a show and the channel. The BBC use ratings to show value of the license payers money in a way and can be used to justify the use of the license fee, out of intrest does anybody know the ratings for the F1 race yesterday
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    [13x04] July 12th, 2009

    Sounds like a great episode to look forward to. The guests this season have really been top quality this season. Michael Schumacher possibly the greatest F1 driver of all time, Stephen Fry whos pretty much a national treasure, Michael McIntyre is 1 of the more highly rated comedians around atm...
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    What ever happened to the Polar Special Hilux?

    It may not necessary be the car Jeremy drove as there were 3 Hilux's they took to the pole, also Jeremys was pretty badly damaged at 1 point as he did pierce the reserve fuel tank
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    Make anyone the Stig thread

    I think the Stig is actually a giant russian doll, remove the white crash helmet and the white race suit and ull find a grey crash helmet and grey race suit, then a blue, orange, pink etc until hes only 6 inchs tall and we find a hamster
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    [12x07] December 14th, 2008

    Nice TG, possibly 1 of the biggest names for the SITRPC in TG history, the other segments sound great aswell
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    is TOP GEAR LIVE coming to USA?

    Im still hoping for a Scotland show sometime, would be amazing
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    Clarkson Island

    I really hope the get Harry & Paul in the SIARPC this series and use some of that as a advertisment clip for their show jus to see Clarksons reaction
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    SIARPC, Who do you want?

    You cant beat Frankie Boyle, even though his humours a bit dark its still brilliant
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    Top Gear England vs Top Gear America vs Top Gear Australia

    That would be great, give each team ?1000 pounds or the equivelant, they've each to bu a car and modify if for some top gear challenges
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    [11x05] July 20th, 2008

    It was a great episode that reminded me a lot of the old style top gear. The GTR review was amazing and im not surprised his neck went but the Lawnmower coming to save Clarkson was Brilliant and it is a brilliantly fast car. The news and SITRPC were solid nothing special but solid. The old...
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    More news uncut!

    Much better than the actual news shown, the bit about nuclear and electric cars was good, i liked Mays idea, why cant we do it. Clarksons very good at working with crowds, i dont know why this wasnt shown, Top Gear for a BAFTA