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    FinalGear Shirts 2010; Order Thread!

    Got My package from "J Clarkson" today lol. Nice attention to detail, even the customs papers were signed J Clarkson hahah. Great shirts as usual!
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    FinalGear Shirts: 2010 Design Contest

    This is WIN!
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    No 56k: Parked like an idiot

    Its a Toyota cavalier (the right hand drive model) they were mainly sold in japan and new zealand.
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    Adam Carolla on the track [Video]

    50 Cent is there because the is a special "G-Unit" Edition Pontiac G8 GT that he designed along with Unique Autosports
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    So who do you think should be the third presenter? Place your bets.

    Agreed. Tim Allen would be a good fit for this show. :)