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    2016 USA Presidential Elections

    Trump and Hillary - bugger.
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    [23x03] June 12th, 2016

    Better than nothing but not in the swing yet - I do not like Sabine, but that is just me.
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    Er Belgian style India Pale Ale (IPA) - I think not. IPA is a British style ale brewed for long life so it can be exported to India/Australia/US and Canada etc. - nothing Belgian about it.
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    Tiff Needell Announces The End Of Fifth Gear

    Sad day. Wheeler Dealers next?
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    BRexit : Shall UK stay in EU or go now?

    Now let me see - it's not like other countries do that now is it? France for instance and I give you Strasbourg. ...
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    The "What the Bloody Fuckintosh?" Thread

    What a bastard - the poor creatures were simply following their nature - where as that bloke was a dick. Damn that is my 7 USD plan out the window then. ...
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    Did you come to an age where you switched to an automatic?

    The Mrs has an iffy knee = slushey, I run a manual and always will.
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    The Continued Lowering of Expectations for Chris Evans' Top Gear

    I remember Series 1 Ep 1 of the show that was to become Top Gear - it takes a bit of time to build up - let us hope that this is done quickly.
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    2016 USA Presidential Elections

    From this side of the pond every single candidate seems to have something wrong with them - some are completely bat shit crazy, others just bonkers. You lot have loads of unimportant issues that you seem to spend foot tons of effort on. Oh well we got 'Pig Farmer' and 'we're all in it...
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    Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

    Obama is over telling us we should stay in the EU - bit of a cheek really (NB Not a cheeky Nandos). Would the US share sovereignty with Canada and Mexico and have all the levers of power in Mexico City? Well I should coco.
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    James May: The Reassembler

    James has made two of the best progs in recent times - the U2 trip - bloody marvellous (Compare it to Mythbusters version). And he made the beer one with Oz, especially the first one was brilliant. A Born communicator.
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    Trouble for TopGear 2016 (source: The Sun, so take with salt)

    They should have let Chris pick his own team. I like LeBlanc and Chris Evans but not Sabine - sorry.
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    Unveiled: 2017 FIAT Mobi

    Take a FIAT Panda - **** it up and sell it to Americans. This is never going to work.
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    James May: The Reassembler

    Tie me Kangaroo down sport.