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    Advice on buying a Jaguar XJS

    Hello I had traded my 99 Honda shadow 750 for a 86 XJS V12 with the idea of the Chevy engine swap. Id been aware of there being another here wich had this done. Im know lineing up a trailor to get my baby home. I stopped by the house of the other XJ to ask about his. Wow this car was done very...
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    The Funny Forum Quotes thread

    If your output is more than your income. Your up keep will be your down fall
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    Hello!! All my names Steven, I live in Alabama U.S. Iv been a gear head most of my life iv been luck enough to own a lot of great cars,not haveing a lot of money has taught me. That one can do most of ones repairs and upgrades on their own. I love the Datsun Z cars the 240,60,&80 car tho not the...