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    Can't play 16x06 "in Sync" Repack by BiA

    Thanks Viper, DL'd it and played around with it, but still no luck in WMP11. I already uninstalled VLC and MPC. I swear I've never had any luck with either of those players over the years.
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    Can't play 16x06 "in Sync" Repack by BiA

    Hey all. I can't get the in sync 720p version to play. WMP 11, MPC, VLC, and DivX Plus all won't play it. At least DivX Plus tells me I need additional DirectShow filters, but I haven't been able to find anything newer/better than what I already have. Anyone else having this problem?
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    A funny thing happened on the way home from work ....

    BMW has a "BMW Financial" building right by where I live. On the way home this evening I saw 3 Rolls Royce Phantoms go by, 2 saloons and 1 drophead. The errie thing about it was, I was playing the Solaris soundtrack in my CD player as we passed each other going opposite directions. It was on...
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    Why are we so crap at snow?

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    [12x05] November 30th, 2008

    I had an opportunity to drive an IS-F for 3 days this past summer as the dealer lent it to me for the annual IS meet we have here in Columbus. It is very quick for a 4 door sedan, and you don't notice the trans changing constantly when you have it in flappy paddle mode, which is how I always...
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    Upcoming Lexus IS-F?

    That's extremely helpful. :rolleyes:
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    Jeremy Clarkson finally sells his car !

    I had teh intarnets on my C64 with it's add on 1200 baud modem ....... phear my bandwidth.
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    James May: New top toy

    Que "On the Wings of Love" by James Ingram :P<3:blush::hump::heart:
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    James May: Column from Car Magazine 03/1996 (page scan)

    Thanks for the post. Great article. I love James's way with the written word.
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    Top Gear Pointless Road Signs Flickr Group

    Wow your pushing it aren't you. Smacking down the site owner will get you nowhere ..... even if you claim it's sarcasm :blink:
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    Good to see a C-Towner here. I'm currently in Dulbin, OH, formerly from Parma Heights

    Good to see a C-Towner here. I'm currently in Dulbin, OH, formerly from Parma Heights
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    News uncut for episode 1 released

    Wow ... for a second I thought I was reading something from Nanocrob :blink:
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    MP3 Downloads

    Nice ... a fellow Invader Zim fan ... Gir rules !! :)
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    Part 2 of Andy Wilman's blog now available

    That is the best sentence I've evar read :lol:
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    Top Gear Back In The Summer

    I hope you were being sarcastic here <_<:rolleyes: