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    Unveiled: 2012 FIAT 500L Official pictures released!

    How much does this Italian clown car cost? From my own personal experience: Fiat makes absolutely dreadful cars. I think it is the only auto maker that produces cars without any kind of quality control whatsoever. They look nice, specially the Grande Punto, looks really nice, but behind that...
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    Gran Turismo 5

    Come next console generation I will probably not bother with a console... Can't even play GT5 anymore. I feared this would happen, the different DLC's have effectively split the community in two. You can be in a awesome room where you have good races, fair races where nobody cheats, rams or cuts...
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    The "New Toys" Thread It's awesome for the price. I can now also enjoy fast start ups and I always wanted to try out a SSD anyway. For 80? the 128GB drive was not bad at all. Gave me a good excuse to service my computer too. :P Looks like SSD's are, finally, coming...
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    The AMS Alpha 12 Nissan GT-R - world's quickest street-legal production automobile?

    I liked the faces and comments from the people in the passanger seat. "Oh my God!" or "Holy shit!" were the only two comments and a BIG smile followed after the selected comment. :D That, ofcourse, is the job of a good fast car. :D
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    Aston Martin Vanquish: new carbonfibre flagship unveiled

    A aston should never look more agressive than the Lamborghini of the same model year. I think this car looks absolutely stunning. I can't find a thing in its looks that I really hate. Something is wrong with this board... the end of the world truly is upon us. The Nissan Juke Nismo / Nissan...
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    Juke Nismo

    The Nissan Juke is IMO, the most vomit enducing car ever made. In whatever form you might choose to defend it, it fails. Nismo... R, whatever. It's a disgusting lump of metal, one that should never have been made. They could have easily, EASILY, make it look about a quadrillion times better than...
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    Diablo III

    Look, that clip is hillarious but let me put on my serious face for a moment. It's pure hell being a Barb. 1. You have to get hit and deal hits in order to build up Fury 2. One full Fury is not enough to kill a single blue Elite 3. No range what so evar! I really only make Melee characters in...
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    Diablo III

    This does not quite describe the gray old man hiding in the corner spamming Stunning skills while the teen-aged Wizard girl behind him kills the monsters. It doesn't describe the barbarian as a fleeing, cowardly tower of muscles who runs around the map, running away from monsters, occasionally...
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    Diablo III

    Well the connection issues are not anything unexpected. I also think that the current player opinions are waaaay out of line because no game, none, no game can live up to over 10 years of hype. I'm not the kind of player who rushes through games either but 12 hours? That's like just over 1h per...
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    Diablo III

    So from what I've read here and elsewhere on the net... It's turning out to be the Red Alert 3 of the Diablo franchise... :| Me no likey. Does anyone here know if it really is true that the main story is only a couple of hours long if you play in addicted mode...? If that's true then that's...
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    2012 Formula 1 Gran Premio de Espa?a Santander

    It needs to be harsh to set an example.
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    Preservation in Formula 1 (need some help here)

    It is completely logical to tear the asphalt away and plant trees if you are not going to use the part of the track anymore of course. It is a conscious decision but a bad example of preservation. :P And yeah if you want to write a good paper on it then definetly you can give reasons why tracks...
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    Preservation in Formula 1 (need some help here) Hockenheim is probably one of the worst examples of preservation. The old high speed track has been destroyed when the track was modernized. In general racing circuits are not really preserved. They are modernized periodically to improve safety, racing...
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    The Windows Phone thread

    Can someone recommend a good phone book app? I find it annoying having to go through the People tile everytime to make a call. For everyone who uses Bluetooth and/or Wifi I recommend a app called "ConnectivityShortcuts". Really liking WP. It does anything you could want without too much hassle...
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    American Pie: The Reunion

    That's what makes him a good actor. Is it not?