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    Went autocrossing yesterday, and a Tesla showed up

    Some one put up a video of him going around the track if anyone's interested
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    Went autocrossing yesterday, and a Tesla showed up

    It wasn't in a class. The guy showed up about halfway through the day, curious about what was going on. The normal rules of registration deadlines were pushed aside for this case and he got to run between groups two and three. He stayed for a while after that, so maybe he'll actually run with...
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    Went autocrossing yesterday, and a Tesla showed up It was kind of eerie to watch it out there on the track. They let it run without any other cars on the track, and there was nothing but silence.
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    Make anyone the Stig thread

    Some say he's driven an SLR
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    [12x08] Vietnam Special Ratings

    Why not combine the two to get superb ratings? I mean,... Antiques, how hard can they be?
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    Make anyone the Stig thread

    I can't seem to find the picture anymore, but I made the reverse of that picture once. Apart from the Stig not talking, they could be the same being...
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    Awesome Thread

    I'm not sure how long this has been around, but I haven't seen it here f4ZqrZKsB5A
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    Will my tires kill me?

    If my dad had those, he'd be amazed at how much tread is on them. He's driven over 600 miles with belts showing along that same line of damage yours have. Just make sure to keep a spare, and if anything starts to feel off at all, pull over and check it.
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    "Foreign" cars get vandalized in detroit area

    "to destroy these vehicles" I'm not quite sure that slashing two tires counts as destroying a vehicle. If they used sledgehammers all over the car, then they could claim it was destroyed.
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    Cool Videos

    Just where did the hammer go? :shock:
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    [12x06] December 7th, 2008

    It could have used some more smashing of displays and windows. If you're gonna copy it, copy it right :) The new Oldsmobiles are in early this year...
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    I'm not sure I can decide which is worse..
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    Progress on my Top Gear coffee table

    While not nearly as cool, I have a four banger that I'm working on doing this to. I suppose it will be more of a bedside stand than a full table.
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    Awesome Thread

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    10 Cars That Damaged GM's Reputation (With videos at link)

    I don't have any experience with the '71 engines, but they'd gotten much better by '76. A year or two ago, my dad's Vega Nomad broke the 100,000 mile mark and still ran great on the original engine. I've actually considered that rear end modification before. Truthfully, after a bit of...