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  • Is it bad that I wouldn't mind it too much if I unexpectedly and gruesomely gave birth to an alien Pinkie Pie that's been living inside my internal organs all this time?
    Sorry for taking so long to respond. I feel quite guilty for not keeping the thread going :(, it's just that I haven't been feeling it these past few days, and I didn't want to respond by taking it into overblown political realms again.
    It was actually a conference about environmental Public Private Partnerships. What Katstein found entertaining was that even though they paid all these top scientists from around the continent to attend, nobody actually bothered to pay attention. Half the scientists he saw around him were either asleep or updating their Twitter feeds.

    Good point. I forgot about noise pollution outside the ring as well. Contract killing's cheaper, but it might just spark more protesters. Also Smithy could put a bit of spin on the whole story and call us murderers.
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