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  • Random Thought: Here's a quick idea to shut up the protesters-since the Appalachiaring is big enough to form it's own ecosystem, turn the inside into a conservation area. Then trap it in a soundproof dome. That way, they'll withdraw all their petitions.
    Quote: :rofl:, Even with the confusing of Jessie's gender again... - AmTGMan

    That's the point. Confusing the gender all of the time is just part of the joke. ;)
    No, the weinermobile is in the shop for repairs. Can't get it started. Need a new partner who can produce more "natural gas".

    In all seriousness, I'll be out of town, traveling to Montreal for the weekend (I don't travel often, but it happens), so I can't join in the fun, maybe next time.
    Sorry man, but this being the final semester of my bachelor's, I don't have enough time to devote to the Wacky Races. :( (plus, the 'raffe's in the shop from an incident last week involving the spare propane tanks and me uttering the phrase "I bet it wouldn't be that flammable...")

    You'll just have to go out there and be extra crazy in my absence! :D
    Lol uh, I didn't even know the wacky race was up again. Sure! Why not? I'll keep the G-man as a uh... well you'll see in the thread. I won't spoil it here ;)
    You do realize (I've found your comments on rFC) that the F1 1991 and 1994 mods for rFactor will not be completed by MMG, right? They're starting a 2008 mod and will focus everything they've got on that.
    Someone else really ought to post here... Would any of you other friends care to oblige and help Lurker fill up my visitor messages? :whistle:
    *foams at the mouth and starts having fits*

    NOW look what's happened! :p
    You can't not have a visitor message. I'm going to set things right.


    Hello! :wave:
    Dear Respectful One, In brief introduction, my name is Success Brown from Sierra Leone. It is my pleasure communicating with you for the first time and believing that it will lead to a better relationship between us. My late father made a deposit of $5.5 million dollars with one of the prime banks in Ivory Coast and I need you to assist me in transferring this fund to your country for investment project for the benefit of both of us. Reply me at: for more details and information?s.

    Best Regards.

    Success Brown
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