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    Toyota Supra 2019

    So, it's been close to 20 years since the last Supra. Horsepower has only been bumped by 15 horsepower? Don't like the BMW link. The Supra originally beat the likes of the Camaro and Mustang. This car can barely hang on. Furthermore, the A80 was expensive for its time. In today's prices it was...
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    Movie: Logan

    Are you being serious? First time I've heard of it. I saw some of the bad X-men movies and they're so bad I haven't bothered even watching them again.
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    Movie: Logan

    Sure. Would probably look up Wolverine character on Wikipedia. As far as all other X-men movies, that's funny, because the timeline is very complicated because of bad movie writing that is inconsistent with all the various X-men movies, time travel, and horrid story telling.
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    Movie: Logan

    The advertisement for this movie was spot on: a drama about the aftermath of the choices that a superhero has made. Many of those choices beyond his control. The plot isn't overly complex but it is vastly rich with a multitude of information being thrown around. Always liked Wolverine. Up until...
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    What is your favorite 911?

    The last GT-2. It was just so viceral and dangerous car to drive. It was a car that demanded respect if you drove it. If not, you get in trouble right away. Plus, it looked so mean and even a 3.6 Liter boxer-6 producing 600h.p.+ is just amazing.
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    Is this it? 2015 6th gen Mustang

    That's odd from my part of the woods. I thought that Republicans are suppose to embrace capitalism and not embrace crony capitalism. From my point of view, GM deserved to fall. The market, we the people, made that decision.
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    Dodge Viper could bow out again in 2017

    Not absolutely sure. I went to various websites that had engine weights for the Viper V-10 from various years. The range of the weights were roughly 690-750 lbs.
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    Dodge Viper could bow out again in 2017

    I've recently had a complete change of mind on OHV engines (especially because of their physical size when compared to DOHC engines). However, the 8.4 Liter V10 in the Viper does weigh around 700lbs. What's the weight of lets say a 5.2 V-10 from Audi? I'm trying to find this out now. On the...
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    Dodge Viper could bow out again in 2017

    I have complete respect for the Viper. Sad to see it go. However, wouldn't it still be possible for the Viper to have a 40 valve DOHC V10 with a displacement of 5.0 Liters with supercharging or turbos to get the torque. That leads to a 2nd question. Why don't we see a lot of OHV engines that...
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    Post Your Watches

    Beautiful watch! A lot more elegant than the previous generations of Superoceans.
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    Spied: Alfa Romeo Giulia

    Favorite green ever on a car was a on the Acura Integra from the late 90's. Dark greens (metallic or pearl), personally, are some of the most beautiful colors on almost any car.
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    Nissan to take 30% stake in Mitsubishi Motors

    I don't see why Mitsubishi didn't just offer Carlos Ghosn the job as some type of interim CEO. I'm sure he would bring back some classic models like the Eclipse with a strong 2.0L turbocharge motors and utilize that motor through out its lineup (to build the reputation of Mitsubishi). Offer a...
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    Japan's Mitsubishi Motors Finds Falsified Fuel Mileage Tests

    Mitsubishi, the 650lb overweight diabetic that's addicted to heroin and still eating sweet & spicy fried chicken, BBQ ribs, garlic basted prime rib, bacon chili cheese fries and creamy read beans on a daily basis. All, of course, being washed down with a large Diet Coke. Shouldn't be too much...
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    Rumour Mill: Mitsubishi to close US plant

    Oh, how the times have changed. Remember when I bought my 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T. Could easily beat any Mustang with a few bolt-ons. Going to the dealer seeing the 3000-GT, Montero, & knew somewhere in the land of the rising sun a monster was there: The Evo. After this era, I just didn't...
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    X-Files - Mulder and Scully are back for real

    Like any show, I never watched the X-Files until it went't off air. One day while watching television I saw an episode not realizing it was the X-Files. I was incredibly surprised. From my point of view, all the seasons leading up to the 1st film (film is in my top 50 science fiction films) were...