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    Other Song Requests

    I found the piece I'm after in the Extreme Music library... it's "Dirty Dollars", track 16 of the Alternative Country album in the X-Series collection. The track itself is catalogued as XCD065_16. This track is also used as the opening theme for Clarkson's DVD "The Good The Bad The Ugly".
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    Other Song Requests

    Hi fellas, I'm looking for some music used in the Revved Up DVD where they show Top Gear's attempts to destroy a Toyota Hilux. This is taken from 03x05, but the music has been changed for the DVD. The song I'm specifically looking for starts right after Jeremy explains that the Hilux has not...
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    Best TG Series to date?

    Yup, the news in 7 was gold - as was 8... but the old BMW v Jag v Mitsubishi in 06x02 and the Oslo race in 06x06 clinch it for me.
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    When did you start watching top gear

    A couple of years ago a search for Renault F1 videos turned up a short clip from 05x08. From then I started getting rips of Series 6 as soon as they became available, and I've since used this site for all my TG doses =)
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    Hi fellas, While waiting for Vuk's rip of 09x01, figured I'd say hello... Surprisingly patient person for one who likes all things fast, especially Formula 1 motor racing and the Red Bull Air Races. Don't have my own plane, but I enjoy taking to the skies when I can. I also love my car...