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    [22x08] June 28th, 2015 [The Final Clarkson, Hammond, & May Episode]

    I have to say, it was actually good. 8/10. And, it featured my favorite ride, the XJ Cherokee with the I6. Lets hope their new show is just as good.
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    DMCA Notice

    Right on. It's this website that kept my interest in TG alive :)
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    [21x07] March 16th, 2014 [Burma Special, Part 2]

    8. Didn't like the stupid jokes but the last few minutes made up for the boring wait. I take it there are no stuntmen doing this, and they are genuinely doing the driving themselves?
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    [21x06] March 9th, 2014 [Burma Special, Part 1]

    8.5 - - - Updated - - - Wait what accident?
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    [21x05] March 2nd, 2014

    An easy 8.
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    Just how dead is TG AUS?

    Dammit. Even with the host change, it was quite watchable. Perhaps in a few years time. Thanks guys
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    Just how dead is TG AUS?

    Enjoyed the series. Not straight 10's but hey.
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    [23x10] February 24th, 2014

    7.5 Someone please tell me why the gtr lost the drag race? :)
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    [21x02] February 9th, 2014

    An easy 8.
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    [04x10] November 26th, 2013

    8. because of mick the driver. and boobs.