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    New favourite Top Gear challenge

    got to be the slr race
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    shame about this! i thought by the time of the latest series fifth gear had gotten pretty decent. way better than the cafe based crap with tim "i've no interest in cars" lovejoy. surely sky will buy the rights to this and we'll see another incarnation of FG. sky have been desperate to jump on...
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    [12x04] November 23rd, 2008

    tyre inflator thingy tyre inflator thingy i've got one. it cost ?29.99 from halfords. :-)
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    [12x01] November 2nd, 2008

    Pretty sure it is. It's certainly stig sitting in a Veyron. Can you imagine after all the build up if it's only average around the track!?!?
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    The Stig gets clamped ! LOL!

    I'm sure it's staged for one thing isn't it a motoring offence here in the uk to drive a car on the public roads while wearing a crash helmet?!?! Or am i just speaking a load of cr*p?!
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    Hammond article in Daily Mirror tomorrow

    saw an advert on tv earlier today that says tomorrow in the daily mirror newspaper here in the u.k. will have an article about hammond's crash written by the man himself. it says "starting tomorrow" so i reckon they will stretch it out for a few days to try and boost some sales. should be an...
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    Very Offensive Times Article

    this bit really boiled my p@*s........ "Nearly every man I?ve spoken to about Hammond loves the story of the crash and the recovery. It has everything: daredevilry, speed, machismo, drama and ? go on, my son ? plenty of testosterone." how about the fact that it could be the thing they love...
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    Hammond In Car Crash - (Now Moved from Leeds 28/09)

    just been on bbc news 24 channel - richard hammond now in stable condition according to hospital :mrgreen: