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  • I don't think I can afford that beast, and I guess not even the steering wheel/gear-shifter/pedals combo. Plus, I live in a condo, not some big-ass house you guys get :p

    Hmm, nice and very interesting pictures, but I wish for more photos though! :D
    THANK YOU for shipping it! :D


    Kidding! :p
    Thanks loads! Will be back on the forums in about a month, precisely the day my national exams end.

    In the meantime, take care :D
    that view.....dear lord. Do your parents want to adopt me? I do annoying <much> older sister very well :lol:
    Sure, I get that. But I don't like laughing about having a crap life, thanks. I'm sure I've never seen a hobo jump up randomly exclaiming 'I'M FREE FROM THE TROUBLES OF HOME OWNERSHIP!'.
    <quote by you> Subaru Impreza Vs Mitsubishi Evo

    Any Lancer >>>>>>> Its equivalent Impreza. (I'll admit I'm a very serious Subaru hater) </quote by you>

    Jessie: I now absolutely hate you. You bastard :mad::p
    That's great, if it has the old-style Merc build quality and interior it's almost second to none. And I would bet the handling is easier- well-tuned chassis went into the C models. Is it a five-speed?
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