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  • -40? And I thought London was bad...

    Anyway, not getting a bike is probably good, at least for now and in the weather you've got to drive in. I've periodically checked Ebay but the price of the BMW MINIs just isn't budging, the best I found was a 2003 with 80,000m for $9000. :dunno:
    Still looking for a car? I'd be interested to know how the search is going.

    Also, if you want cheap transport, get a small, old, Japanese or British motorbike. I just bought one about three weeks ago for ?300, did a little work and it's a great little bike. Not extremely fast- tops out at about 65mph- but really fun to thrash around and pretty economical too.
    Happy belated Birthday. Sorry I missed it (and your birthday is 3 days after mine) :grin:
    Hey I want to start a new thread about having an item which has a motoring theme(like the Porsche pipes and the Audi watches..)
    but I don't know in which section of the forum I should post it in?
    Hey you're right!:lol:

    I swear to you that wasn't intentional. If it was I would have made it much clearer.
    Done.:) I added some new elements that isn't yet in the article. Sorry it's in jpg, I had no idea the image compression would be that bad on wiki.
    I'd be delighted to but I don't have any ideas right now.:( I suppose I could revamp the map...
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