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  • Bwahahahaha. You're not alone - we had this American girl who said it was her first experience of Asia. Holy crap - what a place to start off. :lol:
    15th. A* in Maths, Further Maths and Art. A in Physics (D in the EMPA!)

    I've been away for a month, so I assumed it was during that time. :p Also, I totally did go to North Korea for three days. I even did a write-up on DeviantArt about it. :D
    They'd better come to the Capital FM Arena here though. I've got connections that could lead to easy tickets :p
    I think Birmingham's only an hour away. Birmingham and no further :p

    Wembley's too much trouble to persuade someone else to come, I'm afraid. I found out last time. :(
    Fair enough. :p Seriously though, only if they stop locally. If they don't come to the East Midlands I'm going to kill them instead. :p
    Our second car, the Renault Clio, has had a "L" sticker on it for so long that it's disintegrated and is now unrecognisable. It would need replacing. My mum's been trying to learn to drive for years, but has now given up after only reinforcing the Asian woman stereotype in spectacular fashion. Being in the car with her driving is comparable to being in a 70 year old ferris wheel: painfully slow and absolutely terrifying at the same time. I hope I haven't inherited her driving genes.

    BTW, I hope to one day follow your footsteps and do a charity rally across Europe. That stuff sounded epic. :D
    You're probably right. :) Getting a provisional license has been in the back of my mind for months, but so has many other things...
    I will as soon as I learn to drive. :lol:

    And... given the universities I'm looking at, that's probably not going to happen soon. :|

    Basically, as much as I'd like to learn, doing so right now might not be the most convenient nor essential thing to do.
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