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  • I actually guessed as soon as you draw the bonnet, I saw the letters PAAND next to each other.
    My Touchpad suddenly hates a wifi connection, thats why I havent been playing it.
    Yes, the game unfortunately reveals all :lol:.

    Thank you so much for that, haven't laughed like that in forever.
    Oh I got that shit, after I stopped rolling around, got off the floor, and wiped my eyes from all the tears.

    You REDREW THE PENIS like 100 times. :roflmao: :lmao: :rofl:
    Dude, I'm fucking crying from laughter right now.

    All I saw was a horribly drawn car, with a dude, and then a penis. WTF?! :lmao: :roflmao: :rofl:
    Don't know if you've seen Quiky's post, but the stickers are available again for a limited time. :)

    Nice avatar, shame my Cl.91 is better.

    Oh well you only live once, me and my pre 90's Red Saab 900 Convertible will be proof of that!
    That's fab, I want a convertible though :D Shame about the huge engine, a lucky catch! Lovely interior too.
    Not til September, we'll have to hit a pub :lol: shot gun not the designated driver!

    Good luck with your exams.

    Coventry's fine, though my pasty white Irishness has got me all sun burnt.

    How're you?
    Enjoying sunny Coventry? :D

    Sorry for missing your birthday, so a belated happy birthday. :cheers:

    I should've got you an Anberlin CD or something. :lol:
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