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  • Two different green ones have been outside my house this month! Never seen one round here before :lol:

    I haven't heard of them, haven't ever found myself hunting for stuff that isn't mainstream, i'm far too lazy.
    Everytime I see a Kangoo outside my house I think it's you :lol: i'll check it out and get back to you, if i'm free i'm up for it :) how much do you want for the ticket?
    6 weeks left?! My are nearly over :'(

    I only really spend my insomniac hours on here- so it's not really wasted time.

    Well I don't really have any plans for future careers or education, I tend to find I pivot events around different things, rather than the whole what I want to do when i'm older philosophy. You make a fair point, I was going to move schools this year, but the other one cancelled my course! So that forced my hand I think. The only plan I really have is a strange urge to move to Chicago?

    Not really a trainspotter, can just name the train so to speak- it's not something to do in the company of others thats for sure :lol:
    5 years?!? Crikey thats a long time! I'm planning to move out of here ASAP (in about 2years ideally :p)

    You haven't been posting much since your results, too busy getting absolutely smashed? :lol:
    I'm on about the fastest domestic train in Britain! But your right, the other SE trains suck as much as a Kangoo *runs away*
    Actually I was going to use picking the HST up as a excuse to ride Southeastern's bullet train! Damn need a new excuse to go to Kent!
    I'm down with that, Warwick Uni is actually really close to here :)

    You do it a little too well!
    Oh bloody hell! Your starting to creep me out :| :lol:

    I guess you can come visit your HST sometime?
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