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    You know, 1.2 liters in my 500 is just too much. I want less.

    The Japanese with their 660cc kei cars would have something to say about that :) This engine is interesting at least, being a twin in a car and all.
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    Choose a car for 12,436 pounds

    I guess I'd be looking at a Fiesta Zetec on that money.
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    Autoblog: BREAKING: Ford announces it will build all-new Police Interceptor for 2011

    I was under the impression that the Falcon platform had been designed for RHD only, although I could be wrong there.
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    Ford reports nearly 1 Billion dollar profit

    Nice, it seems fairly obvious that buyers have more confidence in Ford than the other two. I wonder if they've picked up any marketshare from the Japanese? Ford seem to have a pretty decent lineup too (although the Focus is aging a bit).
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    News: Details about upcoming entry-level Porsche 356 revealed

    I thought Porsche already had a cheap model? Isn't that what the Boxster is for?
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    Top Gear demotivators

    Well, someone's gotta do it...
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    Avoid Samoa in September

    I would have thought the main motivation behind the switch is being able to import secondhand Japanese cars for low prices.
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    VW Up! will only cost 900 euros to build

    It's not as though boxy cars are new, hell, most 80's cars were designed with a ruler. That said, I don't mind the Up! I reckon it looks better than the Scion xB anyway.
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    Billy Ford killed the S197 IRS

    Which is a 2009 4.0L V6 which produces about as much power and less torque than my old Falcon's 4.0L I6 from 1994! Surely they should be up around the 180-200kW mark now, rather than the pissy 150-odd they get from that engine.
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    UK vs. US Insurance Rates

    What, 3000 pounds for a plain-jane Fiesta? That's crazy. I just used one of those online quote things for an 18 year old driving an R34 GT-R V-Spec in the town where I live and it was only about $3700AUD (never mind that they wouldn't be allowed to drive it because P platers can't drive turbo...
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    The Ugliness that is the X1 is finally here!

    The rear half actually looks better than the 1 series hatch. Shame the front looks like a late-model Pontiac. :sick:
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    There's a couple of new lions in the jungle: meet the Peugeot 3008 and 5008.

    It's an unfortunate reflection on the current Peugeot range when I think the best looking vehicle in their lineup is the Partner van. I wish they still made the 06 range :(
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    Prius Performance Parts

    I wonder how a Prius with a turbocharger and a better electric motor would drive?
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    Summer rental cars vs. summer bangers

    Wait, why would one need a car for the summer if they already have one for the autumn, winter and spring too? 374,000km on that Golf? Damn. Same with 540,000km on that Nissan. hmm, 2500 euro is about $4500AUD. That's hardly throwaway banger money. You could get a reasonably tidy mid-90's car...
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    Obama wants increased fuel efficiency, less smog (not my title)

    Honestly what I can see is manufacturers not offering some cars in the States anymore, or some variants are no longer offered. An example would be if Toyota dropped the V6 Camry and only sold the fours.