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    [06x10] July 31st, 2005

    Guys, anyone knows 4:38 from this movie: ? I've been searching it for 5 years :rolleyes:
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    Soundtrack title - international version of show

    Hey, first of all - yes, I have checked track titles in the specific thread, but it looks like international version of show (Polish and Czech for sure) have different soundtrack in particular moments and I can't find one song played in 06x10 episode in polish version of Top Gear. Have a look...
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    [06x10] July 31st, 2005 What's the song at 4:33?
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    [05x07] December 12th, 2004 Anyone?
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    [05x07] December 12th, 2004

    Please what's that tune? I mean the one exactly in 4:03 in this yt movie, and it isn't "dark and long". I assume there are two versions of ost in that episode. Yeah i know it sounds stupid, but look, here's the same episode with another music at...