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    [04x08] November 12th, 2013

    Huh, while I don't think this is their best all around episode I thought it was awesome to see all of those cars in one episode. I quite enjoyed it.
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    [20x05] July 28th, 2013

    Finally! I've been waiting for an episode like this for what feels like forever! PLEASE Just more of this!!!
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    [15x07] December 21st, 2010 [Special]

    Oh how I have missed you Top Gear! I just love this show! Can't wait for the rest of the series.
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    The Stig: His (small) Super Bowl appearance

    "Who is the stig" in Superbowl Commercial "Who is the stig" in Superbowl Commercial Haha.. did anyone catch that in the Google commercial?? Made me laugh!:lol:
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    Duel - discussion thread

    It felt like really watered down Top Gear.. meh. I did like the Top Gear vs Fifth Gear and would love to see an actual competition between both teams. Best part - "Stig... it just says Gits backwards.." - Tiff
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    Adam Carolla And Eric Stromer Tell Top Gear US Adventure Story

    Everyone has their opinion.. but I have to say after hearing that story it adds more disappointment to not being able to see the show. It just sounds fun and entertaining. :(
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    Bugatti Veyron in Scottsdale - driving around!

    The only time i've ever seen a Veryon, two for that matter, is in La Jolla. While it had NV plates, cool that it was in AZ. The few times i've been out to Pavilions for the show there isn't much of a "super car" presence. Anytime i'm out at Fashion Square i'm sure to walk by the valet to eye...
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    [13x02] June 28th, 2009

    I'll add on to the few comments already plosted about the SSC. While I like the Veyron more, it would have been more on the level playing field of "Fastest Cars". Very nit-picky though! Also would like to add to the hotness factor on the female audience this episode. :nod: If this is the...
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    [13x01] June 21st, 2009

    I dunno.. Schumy or not I feel like the Stig should always remain a mystery. Even if rumors, papers, blogs knew.. for the actual show it should just remain the on going bit till the end of time.. Just me :)
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    NBC passes on TG USA

    Spike TV..? The problem as someone mentioned is budget, who's got the cash and is willing to take the risk on giving this show what it needs. Please just get it on air, or the internet I feel like the need to let the guys run with it and see what happens. Hopefully Adam will know something and...
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    [12x02] November 9th, 2008

    I quite enjoyed this! :thumbup:
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    Who do you think is going to be the STIG?

    :lmao: Ahh that was a good ol' laugh out loud at your computer screen moment.
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    I get this when I go to the front page.

    Add me to the list
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    According to the website: Can I give my ticket to someone else to use? Yes. The only...

    According to the website: Can I give my ticket to someone else to use? Yes. The only exception to this is American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. The tickets to those shows are NON-TRANSFERABLE. " If you have extra tickets you aren't going to use, any chance you could send them my way...