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    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    If I remember correctly, when Clarkson first reviewed the Monaro he spent most the review harping on about how Australia losing the Rugby World Cup and how we're a bunch of bogans. It's what Clarkson always has and always will do, get over it.
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    [10x02] October 2nd, 2006

    Episode 2 was an improvement over Episode 1, but it was still only an improvement from explosive diarrhoea to a bowel obstruction, no matter how you look at it, it was still shit. The problem for my mind is that they're trying too hard to be cool and hip and have thrown the content quality out...
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    SBS Australia licenses 2 series of Top Gear

    Drive TV is a colaberation between Channel 10 and, hosted by Michael Stahl. The thing that cracks me up is the Hot Lap segment... Sound awfully familiar...
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    SBS Australia licenses 2 series of Top Gear Great news, lets just hope we get the full show and it's not the BBC World chop job. :thumbsup:
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    cricket - the ashes

    :cry: For further reading in understanding about the importance of this event, I suggest you have a read of the wiki for The Ashes. Anyway, it's a sad, sad day to see the urn lost to the old enemy. Considering how close we came to winning Edgbaston and The Oval (dropping Pietersen on 0 and...
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    Monaro to be killed off.....

    Sorry but the HRT427 doesn't count as a road car, that thing was ruse to fool their way into the Nations Cup 24 Hour Production Car Race. They were never going to make it from the start, they just built two cars approached Nations Cup and said "Yes, of course we're going to make a road going...
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    Fucking sick people!!

    Pretty old but the reactions I still get from people when I email that link to them is still hilarious. Bit of background info on Wiki
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    Monaro to be killed off.....

    Why is the SS Commodore more popular that the Monaro? It's $A50K instead of $A60K, same performance as the Monaro and has 4 doors instead of 2. People who buy a Monaro are paying $10K for the badge, that's it. Frankly, even blind freddy could have seen the Monaro's move to the US coming. 270...
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    Monaro to be killed off.....

    So Holden's idea of a 'Last Hurrah' is a new paintjob, wheels and bodykit...pretty wussy...
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    Really nice pictures from norwegian trackday

    Go the mighty Polo! :lol:
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    "Bullitt" zooms to top list of greatest car chases

    No Taxi? No Mad Max? Remake of the Italian Job instead of the original? Pfft. :roll:
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    It's Vuk's birthday! \o/

    Happy Birthday , here's the knife so time to cut the cake...
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    Possible new Host: Sabine Schmitz

    Unfortunatly her accent is a bit too heavy. Damon Hill or one of the writers from TG magazine maybe?
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    jeremy's driving ban!

    Interesting entry in the Top Gear Wiki To be honest, the one thing limited Sabine from joining the crew would be her heavy accent. Otherwise she'd be a great addition to the show.
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    Jay Kay's Enzo