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    2021 Ford Bronco trim/color/options decoded

    Correct, sadly. I'm hoping the Coyote V8 appears in them from the factory at some point, but not betting on it. I'll be okay with a 4 banger and a stick. Until I win the lotto at least 😅
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I only lost two bolts over 2000 miles, but managed to grind that right highway peg with enthusiastic cornering being the culprit. I heard it skipping off the pavement mid corner and made a mental note to back off. I looked down and it was bent at a weird angle. Next thing I knew, it was gone 😬
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    Ownership Verified: 1989 Volvo 740GL Estate - Another clunker, Swedish style!

    That's a swell transport box, Cap. Congrats on further enabling the illness. Scotsman confirmed 😆
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Jorts and Mossy Oak crocs are as close as some folks will get to a tux 😆
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    The Gun thread

    Looking for? Yes. Can afford? No 😅
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    Ownership Verified: BCS repeatedly breaks, fixes, and re-breaks his Jeep

    Awesome that everything went smoothly! Does any one do an EPAS retrofit? Or maybe time to get beefier hydro steering? Also can't wait for Moab 2021
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I'll take my Wagonhawkcat S(ha)RT with Dana 60s and lockers, please.
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    Plano masquerading as Monaco
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    Ownership Verified: My Brooklands Green sports saloon...

    We need a rust themed emoji reaction just for your thread 😆
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    Craig(B)'s List - Oddities and Weird Stuff

    Brown Escort in Brown City. Perfect '70s-80s combo.
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    Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

    Historic Orange, please. Can't wait to watch that HG video tonight.
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    Ownership Verified: Two Wheeled Bliss ['99 Honda VFR800]

    Every time I take it out, I fall in love again. At least until it feels like my right boot is on fire 😆 Doing almost 100 miles a month, inching closer to 90k :D
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    Post Your Watches

    My speculation: they produce a fixed number of watches and bracelets to bring down the costs. When a replacement part is needed, a new batch needs to be produced in order to accommodate the need. People don't buy bracelets in anywhere close to the frequency as they do watches, so while it may...
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    Craig(B)'s List - Oddities and Weird Stuff

    Here's a nice affordable Mopar :)
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    Craig(B)'s List - Oddities and Weird Stuff

    '74 Dart sedan with slant 6, no AC, and a 904 in poor condition, but running and driving was $3k last I looked a month or so ago. Can't find the ad any more though.