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    Finalgear: How do You Shave?

    I have always been using multi-blade Gillette razors and a fairly middle-of-the-range electric shaver. Recently however, I purchased a starter-kit with a double-edged traditional razor. Now, shaving has always been a dreary affair for me, but when I started shaving with proper equipment, I have...
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    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    I bought some traditional shaving equipment recently. My god, I am never going back to Gillette's money drain products. I am now actually looking forward to shaving myself in the morning.
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    2012 Formula 1 Qantas Australian Grand Prix

    Quite unsportsmanlike of Red Bull to have their pit crew go out just to make the pit box exit tighter for the McLarens.
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    2012 Formula 1 Season Thread

    The coverage from Sky seems pretty good. BBC's coverage was excellent so I was a bit sad when I heard Sky were launching their F1 channel and getting Brundle, Kravitz and others on board. Looks like their pre-race bits are going to be very good and I enjoyed the program around the first two...
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    Top Gear Live 2010/11

    Autostrada doesn't allow their borrowed cars to be trashed. I had seen most of the stuff they did in Sydney before but it was still worth it. The evening topped off when I met a drunk James and Jeremy at my hotel :D
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    Random Thoughts (Top gear Edition)

    Meeting a drunk Jeremy and James with their wife/girlfriend in the hallway at my hotel = WIN.
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    [16x03] February 6th, 2011

    "required a lot of murdering" :lol: 9/10. God I want one of them S-class AMG
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    The who have Top Gear insulted this week thread

    Oh my god. I've always been a massive Steve Coogan fan but this was just over the top. If you are going to watch Top Gear, don't take what they are saying so seriously. I mean, if you are offended by this comedy, why are you even watching? I could have the guys taking the piss out of any thing...
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    The Android thread

    Just pre-ordered the LG Optimus 2X. It's going to be my first Android phone. I've had an iPhone for nearly 3 years now.
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    The Meme Thread