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    Ownership Verified: Insert "Beat" Pun Here

    - - - Updated - - - With Missouri's laws as they are, I can do whatever I want to it. That being said, though, I'm trying to get it up to and keep it in as mint condition as I can. ... and when something breaks, then I'll make it more fun. :mrgreen:
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    Where In The World Is..?

    How many times have I been in this thread now? :lol:
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    Ownership Verified: Insert "Beat" Pun Here I don't give a shit about your views on portrait videos, you're all watching for the sound of it anyway.
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    Ownership Verified: Insert "Beat" Pun Here

    I've created a monster.
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    Ownership Verified: Insert "Beat" Pun Here

    I have no idea, because that's a terrifying proposition for me right now, as I'm still learning RHD and collision insurance means fuck all with this car. :lol: Mine too: this car is second on my bucket list only to the 2G Viper GTS. It's funny you say that, too, because a friend of mine...
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    Ownership Verified: Insert "Beat" Pun Here

    It was imported through Hi-Rev Motors; a friend of mine tagged me right when they posted it on their Facebook page, and I spent about 45 minutes talking on the phone with their Midwest dealers (I live in St. Louis). Once they got a US-ified title, I made a midnight run up to them and picked it...
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    Ownership Verified: Insert "Beat" Pun Here

    Thanks! IMO it's one of the simplest (see: goodest) kei cars because it isn't F/I. It gets a really unique engine noise because they opted for individual throttle bodies on all the... you know, three cylinders. Sure, there are faster kei cars, but none of them really sound like this one. You...
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    Ownership Verified: ZOOM! - My Mazda 2 Skyactiv

    I really, really, really wish they sold the DJ Mazda2 over in the US. I've put almost 100,000 miles on my DE and I absolutely love it and will drive it into the ground... and I want to replace it with a DJ.
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    Ownership Verified: Insert "Beat" Pun Here

    Behold! Bask in the magnificent, tiny splendor of the third Honda Beat ever to roll on United States soil. For a size reference, it's smaller than a VW Mk1 Caddy. I'm more interested in what questions people have about it, rather than droning on and on about how great it is. Also, the...
  10. Dogbert Motorsports Simulations

    Is... is this a thread worth reviving? Because I'm totally playing iRacing now.
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    2016 USA Presidential Elections

    To literally nobody's surprise. He's just there to play a part in the theater; it makes him more relevant which bolsters his Fox News credibility for a while, and he can provide a push for the other, actual viable candidates.
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    "The Rab... wait, that's a Rabbit?"

    I've been told by a great many people to avoid the PD engines to make my life easier.
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    "The Rab... wait, that's a Rabbit?"

    It is! I'm actually hoping it warms up a little again so I can burn enough diesel to figure out what the fuel economy is like now. And to be honest, it's more fun to drive than my Mazda2. I love the 2 dearly, but the Rabbit just has... I don't know, more character? It's like, I just figured...
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    Post a pic of yourself

    Table flip! If only I had known. :( I'm also going to a NASCAR race in Bristol instead of the Ringmeet this year (but next year!)... because those are comparable, right?
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    "The Rab... wait, that's a Rabbit?"