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  • Heh, I fought the excerpt re: the History Channel docs you posted was serious at first. This is what I get for posting on pain meds, I guess.

    Dang, that's a well-done piece. Had me fooled for a second!
    Next time I'll take a picture. And yeah, I haven't been on MSN lately. Been busy/lazy these past couple of weeks but I'll try to change that. :)
    Considering how hot, sweaty, and gross I was in those pics I'm glad to know I still managed to look half-way decent. :p Thanks!
    Hahaha... after the effort of putting that into Google Translate - your rep made me smile! Thanks for that. ;)
    I'll see what he's up to, only problem is he needs to fit under 100kb.
    Great news! Gowron is now 36% more frantic than he was before! I reworked the animation, making it faster!
    Ah well, if you feel the need to have a drink while you're in the area, give me a call. :)
    Hm, I always figured you lived in Berlin... but running into Schalke fans on their way home from Bochum doesn't fit then. Was I that wrong?
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