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  • about your message about the camgirl... nothing new... we're talking but i still haven't seen her doing her thing... i dont even know her site because i told her not to tell me
    I'm OK just haven't had much to say lately. Things have been a little scary at work as we've just been taken over and I've been drowsy and nauseous thanks to the side effects of some meds I'm on but they are wearing off now and I'm beginning to feel a lot more normal.

    Thanks for the concern and enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    You must spread some more cookies around before giving Blah blah blah...Thanks for the uTorrent help! :)
    Bless you my child, I must spread the hatred of multiple 'END IS NIGH' threads before granting it again!
    Double entendre? I prefer the one in the merchandise thread myself but thanks anyway for the +1 and havd a great Christmas.
    Thanks for the +rep re: the pics... being a bit (gasp!) ginger, the rather heavy eye makeup is the only way I can make my eyes visible in photos.
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