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    [21x05] March 2nd, 2014

    Uqite liked this episode, all about the 918 of course. One thing that really annoyed me though was that he snubbed the Mercedes A45 only cos of the price. The most powerful four pot, most powerful hot hatch, its a mercedes AMG, all things that Jeremy should adore. And in the wet with its 4WD it...
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    Unaired episode footage - The Blue Meanie

    i dont know if anyone else saw, but it looks like theyre gonna finish the series off on TV. Last night i was quite surprised when i caught the end of Episode 4 of the Fourth Season from the brock tribute on Channel GO (nine's digital channel)
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    [16x04] February 13th, 2011

    I give it a 7. I dont like the fact they all had the same car in the cheap car challenge. I t was alright, the helium was funny. But it just wasnt the same as the usual cheap car challenges were used to. Id like to see a "Cheap Four Seater Convertible" done again but properly in a future season...
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    The Guess-The-Episode-Game

    You each got one correct, so any one of you can go next.
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    The Guess-The-Episode-Game

    next next I gues its my turn then since i guessed correctly. Easy Intermediate Harder
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    The Guess-The-Episode-Game

    Righto. The easy one is of course from Episode 3 of Season 14, james May's conversion of a caravan into an airship paired with Hammond's Lambo balboni review. The second one is from Episode 2 of Season 13, Hammonds Lambo Murcielago SV review. And the last one is a close up of the Bugatti Veyron...
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    Was in melbourne for a week, saw lots of nice cars. Audi R8, lots of three series and 5 series wagons (dont usually see many in my state of WA) but then on the second last day of my trip by sheer coincidence passed by the Aston Martin and Rolls Royce dealer, and it just made my day. Rapide v12...
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    Restoration Ripoff Probe

    Remember the Probe 16 from restoration ripoff WAY BACK in series 5 that didnt win. Well it's finished. It looks really nice and its good to see something so rare and old and important restored back to its...
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    Cars you'd like to see in Series 16

    They did, but it was only a web exclusive, i dont think itll ever appear on the actual show as its been out for a couple of years or so now. If they wanted it on they wouldve done it already. Link for your interest: It failed in...
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    It's Seriously Time To Get A New SIARPC Car

    Do agree with Dacia Sandero, but it would be too obvious. The amount of times they mentioned it during James' original "Great news, the dacia sandero...." segment. And then it appearing this season in the convertible grand tourer segment. Itd be great, but i dont think it would happen. Also +1...
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    James May: New Lego & Meccano Engineering Series

    Is there a 700mb version of the lego ep anywhere at the moment, havent seen one yet on my usual torrent sources
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    James May: New Lego & Meccano Engineering Series

    Don't know if this has been said yet, But the air dates of the final two eps are out. Still on Sunday evening The Lego episode will be on the 20th Dec. Hornby trains is on the 27th...
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    Which episode?

    It dont think it was 1, cos i do now remember james may looking at it with hamster and having a go at jaguar ata the time when they kept making concepts but never putting them into production, which would be 2 onwards, and the car came around in 2003 so that also confirms 2 onwards. Thnx though...
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    Which episode?

    Please help. I have looked everywhere to find a particular episode that featured a certain car and cant find anything. Im trying to find the episode that featured the Jaguar R-D6 Concept car in one of those in studio quick look over appearances. (if you dont remember this is what it looked...
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    [01x09] September 13th, 2009

    Will 10 and 11 be available on rapidshare or something similar even if they're not subbed?