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  • hey where in tampa are you in? im over by tyrone mall in saint petersburg, and what if anything have you done to your stang?
    I am surprised at the fact that someone like you from your country could be so ignorant about the topic. One because my comment was a sarcastic joke (General Culture for you). And two, because Real Drug Lords from MX have enough money and power that they trade on the stock market and actually affect our lives and economics like it or not on a daily basis while some of them live a comfortable lifestyle in Ireland just like Carlos Salinas de Gortari and partners. I have to tell it to you because you are ignorant and apparently have no idea about it (There is no need to swim). And, if in fact you know what you are saying you are just being a ass-hole.

    Y me es posible decirtelo tambien en espa?ol si gustas. But I'll let you think what you like on your tiny head better.
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