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    Unveiled: Mr. Bond's new ride: Aston Martin DB 10

    You guys are blind...i see this: The rear wheel arch and grill are dead giveaways, Aston copied Merc here!
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    The End Of An Era:'s Main Site Retired, Forums Will Live On

    What is shown in "free TV?", top gear? No, I think the BBC is a paid service
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    DMCA Notice

    It goes way deeper than that though
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    DMCA Notice

    If 2013 is "a long while [ago]" then i feel old as fuck!
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    DMCA Notice

    its clear the BBC and others just dont understand the impact these sites have on their brands. It sucks
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    DMCA Notice

    viper already explained why they are down (and will stay down)
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    Game: Assetto Corsa

    Can anyone explain (in simple form) how to make a server?
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    DMCA Notice

    Honestly as i have been reading your reply's on here you seem defeated, your not. Thousands of people from around the world use this site to get news, share thoughts and even talk about generally anything. We all know Andy and Jezza are very aware of us. This site is important to the fans...
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    [21x07] March 16th, 2014 [Burma Special, Part 2]

    Did you just hijack my post?
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    Unveiled: 2015 Smart ForTwo & ForFour

    I just wish people in my area of florida would understand that this little gocart is not designed to be on a highway with average speeds of 85 mph. There isnt a city anywhere in the area that you could need a car like this!
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    No 56k: Parked like an idiot

    lol, no, didnt look that close
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    No 56k: Parked like an idiot

    as someone with a lower car, i admire this. I am very good at getting as close to the curb/stopper without hitting it, if i don't do that my ass sticks out and blocks the road and i hate being "that guy"
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    Special Request for a small Logo set

    Ok, what im looking for a is a logo set for a baseball team, its for the Game MLB 14 The Show. I was trying to do it myself but i know dick about photoshop so i didnt get far. The game has an ingame logo maker but its allowing us to import them this tear for the first time so i want to make it...
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    [21x07] March 16th, 2014 [Burma Special, Part 2]

    Actually its called Kok. If you simply take the info that we were given in the show (the map) and look up would have found it. Took me about 30 seconds. Once again, a "fan" has decided that he/she loves the show so much that they shall dissect it for perfection. anyways, 9/10...