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    The "New Toys" Thread

    It's Germany, where people are skinny for a reason ;-) No, just kidding, I hate those parking spaces, called Duplex. I recently rented a new, proper garage with enough space and no one parking above the Porsche... so long , e-type
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    The "New Toys" Thread

    Since this is page 911 I post my newest toy: My '77 911S so long , e-type
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    911 porn

    When it comes to 911 porn, first man comes to mind is Walter R?hrl. But also Chris Harris! He had a old one: And he had an new one: And there is one other guy who has a very very nice g-model: Ahhh, i like this thread so long , e-type
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    Which episode makes non-car-people TopGear-Fans?

    Hello. I am struggling which episode i should show my roommate. She has never watched TopGear and she's definetly not a petrolhead. I thought maybe the first amphibious car challenge? Or my favorite, the search for the best driving road. Or Polar special? Or Africa? Maybe the South America...
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    If could only watch one TG special for the rest of your life which would it be?

    that's a total no-brainer: the search for the best driving road. goosebumps everytime. so long , e-type
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    Stig's Lap in the Caterham onboard

    It's no V8 but you gotta love a high revving 4-Pot so long , e-type
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    Stig's Lap in the Caterham onboard

    Hey, don't know if it was already posted in the forum but to me it's new and i absolutly love it! so long , e-type
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    GoPro owners club

    That's the best thing about it!!! Looking forward to play with that thing so long , e-type
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    So they forgave Ben Collins? "It was great to catch up with the lads from Top Gear again and it meant a lot to me personally to put the events of last year into perspective. (...) it was well worth risking a right hook from Clarkson or being mauled by the Top Gear dog when my old boss Andy...
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    Rowan Atkinson smashed his McLaren F1

    i went on the internet and i found this: not sure if this is the actual crash, but the color of the car is right. so long , e-type
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    Best-looking TG car "sequences"

    If i had to choose the best episode in terms of goosebumps: the lightweight supercars in the alps, the search for the best driving road. Series 10, episode 1. so long , e-type
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    Most expensive Top Gear segments?

    Military films cost nothing. As long as they are presented in a cool way, they do that for free. For example the US have a certain rule, that Hollywood war films are provided with military stuff for free, as long as the US Forces are presented in a good way. It's the best commercial for them -...
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    Most expensive Top Gear segments?

    Definitely the Space Shuttle Robin. One of the Rocketeers said that it is the largest & most powerful non commercial rocket launched in Europe. so long , e-type
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    [17x01] June 26th, 2011

    As an BMW fan and e-type lover for me the best episode for a long time! so long , e-type
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    The next epic race, where would like them to go?

    U.S. East to Westcoast so long , e-type