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    Pacific Northwest Meet 2016

    I'm interested! What if we drive around Rainier and visit St. Helens like this: I'm also up for the peninsula, I didn't make it last time.
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    [Official] Clarkson announces new show! / Amazon Video [Hammond & May too]

    b=bits, B=bytes. 2Mb/s is not much at all, even basic DSL or cable is my area is 20Mb/s.
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    Adrian and his trusty sidekick crossing the Americas - Summer-Fall 2015

    Oh, haven't check this in a while. Are you still in the Pacific Northwest?
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    Pacific Northwest Meet 2015: July 18th

    I just found this on Reddit Looks a lot different right now.
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    Uses for a home server?

    I use my home server for Minecraft, TeamSpeak, rsync backups, and storage via NFS and SMB. It's got Plex too, but I don't really use it. It's a Phenom II X4 980, 8GB of RAM, 9 disks in two RAID arrays (one currently RAID-Z for no good reason) totaling 13.5TB. Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS.
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    Special Battery Charger Needed for Optima Batteries?

    My Schumacher 12A charger can't seem to charge my Optima (DieHard Platinum) batteries correctly at all. It has an AGM setting, but it never seems to go over 6A, regardless of the state of charge, and then it's (indicated) voltage climbs up to 15+ and then it shuts off, but the batteries measure...
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    [Official] Clarkson announces new show! / Amazon Video [Hammond & May too]

    I hope you naysayers are being sarcastic... Amazon Prime saves me a ton of money, getting legal access to this new show is icing on the cake. As for international access, I wouldn't be surprised if they offer access to other markets outside of the traditional Prime/Instant Video. I think this...
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    Pacific Northwest Meet 2015: July 18th

    So whatever happened to the rest of the group? Chizzoink, I'd like to see the photo of us in front of our cars. Also, my air filter was filthy, haven't been derated since I replaced it. Hoping it was that simple.
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    Pacific Northwest Meet 2015: July 18th

    Any GMRS radio will work. Just check your batteries!
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    Pacific Northwest Meet 2015: July 18th

    We definitely got broken up last time leaving RTC, Monroe is a good idea. Instead of meeting at a gas station, we should meet by the big chimney stack in the parking lot of Grocery Outlet at 405 Butler Ave. They have a lot more room and we can stage properly before setting off. It's visible from...
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    Burger Tuning BMW GoPro Mount

    Uh, so I don't have to start and stop constantly... you've heard of editing right?
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    Autonomous cars and towing

    They'll have to take our guns first :) I think it's inevitable that insurance premiums will go up for those of us that choose to drive, since we'll be seen as a higher risk, but there is just no chance that driving will be illegal in the foreseeable future.
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    Tire recommendations?

    There's not much to align, just set the toe by measuring the distance between the treads on the front and back side of the tire with the steering centered and adjusting the tie rod sleeve until they're the same. Then center the steering wheel with the drag link sleeve.
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    Tire recommendations?

    Personally I'm running Yokohama Geolandar A-T/S, and I love them. Very good treadwear, highway economy, and off-road performance. 30x9.5s fit on stock 15" rims with a 2" lift.
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