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    [03x03] November 2nd, 2010

    I wonder whether Nein are getting cold feet now that the ratings have started to plummet...the figures are pretty low, and the show is being outrated by some real dross on the other channels...maybe that's why we got Eddie everywhere's IQ bonanza last night...?
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    [03x01] October 19th, 2010

    I'm sure there are reasons why the show migrated to nein but why are Freehand still doing it? The rest of their stuff dancing with the stars and the pretty much either low-rent or at least fairly dim. that's reflected in the effort put in here...scripts? what scripts? shane...
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    James Morrison isn't that bad!!

    I'm not keen...he comes over as smug and wooden and he clearly thinks a lot of himself. a better fit than charlie, but still not likeable in my book.
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    [02x08] June 29th, 2009

    Not a bad one to go out on...although I would still wager a few bucks on there not being a series 3. SBS is pretty skint and even the cut down version that is TGA is still an expensive thing to make. It's a pity that folks haven't got behind this series, 'cos i'm sure we'll miss it once all...
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    [02x06] June 15th, 2009

    Oh...was that him? I thought it was a barrel covered in neoprene.;)
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    [02x07] June 22nd, 2009

    Sorry but I'm just not liking James as a presenter. His pieces to camera are stilted and he reads the scripted studio bits in a decidedly wooden way. Glad I'm not the only one to have spotted the wussiness...let's not forget that he was also the only one of the three who didn't blast away in the...
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    [02x06] June 15th, 2009

    No-one else seems to agree with me, but I'm finding James hard to watch. He seems overly smug, and doesn't seem to want to cock about in the grand tradition of TG. he seems to take himself too seriously. Am I being unfair?
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    It's really strange to read folks saying "Hey - I didn't mind Charlie that much"...maybe you should've contributed that thought when everyone else was bagging him during the series. I'd be very surprised if the negative audience reaction to CC wasn't a factor in his non-appearance for series 2...
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    [01x08] November 17th, 2008

    Well I don't have any reps anyhoo, and personally I find Mr Vovo's comments very entertaining. Long may he post. In fact he WAS the most negatively surprising person here until Dave2003 blew him out of the water with his Sam Newman suggestion...I'm still chortling over that one. Anyone who...
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    [01x08] November 17th, 2008

    But Dave...Sam is a GOOSE..haven't you noticed? as for Glenn being a foil for anyone or anything, I'd limit it to covering sausages on a Weber. Dave is in front for the award for the loopiest lineup proposal so order to beat him, I'd have to suggest Bert Newton, Rhonda Burchmore and...
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    [01x08] November 17th, 2008

    Dave...what WERE you thinking??? Am I alone in thinking that Sam Newman must never be allowed in front of a camera* ever again? And how did Warren become evil all of a sudden? Are YOU Glenn Ridge as well as Mr Vovo? *speed cameras excepted
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    [01x08] November 17th, 2008

    My crystal ball(s) tell me that all three will be back next season...I think we'd better get used to that idea. Sorry, Catriona (shudder). Sorry, Glenn Vovo.
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    [01x08] November 17th, 2008

    I thought this was a fitting final episode...some good stuff...notably an improved Charlie. Some cringeworthy moments though. Warren's reaction to being left behind in the shop ("Oh, no, they've gone without me"), plus some of the in-studio stuff. They need a new/more writers and a notebook...
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    [01x08] November 17th, 2008

    At last it can be's a photo of IcedVovo taken outside a Kia showroom. Now THAT explains everything!
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    [01x07] November 10th, 2008

    Stiggy...I'm at a loss fer the same time that you're lambasting all Aussie presenting talent, you're seemingly happy to raise JC,RH and JM to demi-god the UK, those 3 are regarded (despite being good at what they do) as being rather naff in the TV firmament. Whilst TGUK is...