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    The "Ban the Person Above You" Game

    Banned for being in Australia and not taking the name of Bruce. Allight Bruce?
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    Best First Car

    Do you mind if I thread-jack you to poll the community about a first car for restoring / fixing up?
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    How many times do you wiggle your stick?

    Don't mention the war!
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    FinalGear Shirts 2010; Vote Thread

    Good stuff, but I would still like a re-print of the original careless air shirt! Also, I would buy a poster version of the Scandinavian flick shirt. (I have already picked out the wall!)
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    Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

    If everyone was able to view every issue in moderation, seeing the points that each side makes, then decisions could be made without so much ideological bickering from those that see things as clearly "this" or "that". Every issue is has more than one meaning. Each side is not completely this...
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    Random Thoughts....

    I am a real life random thoughts thread.
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    James May: 1001 Uses for a James May

    320. Contemporary Art 321. Staring Contest Champion 322. Construction Site Foreman
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    Italian Cars...sweet

    About a month ago I went to Italy. I saw some old stone buildings, and some pretty countryside. But most importantly, I saw myself some fancy I-talian cars. I took some pictures, and I thought that I would share them: I was surprised by the number to Alfa Romeo police cars running...
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    FinalGear Shirts: 2010 Design Contest

    Perhaps our shirt could be the stig. But not just any stig, a stig who is made up of the stig introduction quotes (a word picture).
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    FinalGear Shirts: 2010 Design Contest

    Which episode was that again? I have been without Top Gear for many months because of school.
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    FinalGear Shirts: 2010 Design Contest

    Two things: 1) What the heck is "pie key" supposed to be anyway? 2) I would be very happy if the "careless air" shirt was reissued for a second round of buying; I am sure there are many people who did not get it the first time, or have since ruined their shirt with axle grease!
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    Things Clarkson has taught you (that probably aren't true)

    But that was one of the most epic races ever... Especially the part where the Jaaaaaaag had insane fuel economy
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    Clarkson: Clarkson on QI March 26th

    Links are very nice things. I would like to cordially request one, because it seems that "The Box" has thousands, nay, millions more applications and meanings then one you intended.
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    TG finally getting some promotion in the US!

    BBC America Top Gear is utter crap. They edit down the episodes so that they only show explosions and other "typical" 'merican interests. Also, the editing is clearly done by someone with no idea for how the original flows together. The epic musical preludes and transitions are completely...
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    Clarkson: Clarkson on QI March 26th

    I would give many thanks if someone could post a download link on this thread after its all said and done. Some of us are not blessed enough to get the BBC.