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    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    If I know both, but the one on the right only because of some wikipedia research after watching a SouthPark episode, is that alright?
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    N?rburgring Cocomeet - Aug. 27-30 - (THIS WEEKEND ZOMG YOU GUYS)

    I will be there friday to saturday. Mainly to watch the WEC but perhaps will take the toyobaru round the Nordschleife if it?s not too full... But I will be there with lots of my coworkers so I?m not sure if I will have any reasonable amount of time to hang out with finalgearians... edit: there...
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    Le Mans 24hrs 2015

    I?m off to france tomorrow morning... hoping the 919 wins this year!
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    Lens Flair

    ...well yes, this much I could tell just by driving next to it in slow traffic. When I see cars like this while commuting I wonder what?s under the bodywork and what it?s used for.
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    Lens Flair

    saw this on the A81 recently, what is it?
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    TOP GEAR in Argentina

    ... if anyone wrote 911haha on their plate I would assume they want to insult drivers of rear-engined vehicles...
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    TOP GEAR in Argentina

    I grew up in Argentina and know that the people there are generally quite proud of their country. They are also extremely sensitive. Just as an example, being from Germany I would know to avoid any sort of conversation around football, even if it means getting up and leaving. The football fans...
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    2014 Endurance Racing

    RLM is way better, but I really just have Eurosport running in the background as I pack my stuff so I can head to LeMans tomorrow morning...
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    2014 Endurance Racing

    According to Eurosport Audi is building a new #1. I hope they finish in time to qualify for the race, and then I hope it loses to Porsche... but it does seem like a long shot. :mrgreen:
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    2014 Endurance Racing

    I?m pretty sure they can run a backup chassis, it will just have to go through scrutineering first... The bigger question is where do they find a third driver if Duval isn?t fit to drive...
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    Good news! Yet another fast Golf is on the way! Kind of. We think.

    Well, Wiechers isn?t a tuning company. Their main business is manufacturing roll cages, strut braces, and some other stuff that people like me bolt into their low budget track cars. They are also not based in Braunschweig. Braunschweig is however right next to Wolfsburg...
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    Nordschleife Ringmeet Thread

    I?ll be doing the other 24h race this year, including the camping bit. Since I?m not much of a camper I don?t think I?ll be doing it for two consecutive weekends... But, since my friends still think it?s winter and it?s boring to go alone, I am open to suggestions if anyone wants to do a...
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    my MINI

    Well trackdays not so much, but I did get some weird looks at the tourist sessions on the Ring. :mrgreen: Nope, sorry. I got my Gopro after I got the BMW, and have only taken the Mini to the track once since then. There?s probably some shaky handheld material from codrivers somewhere, but as...
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    my MINI

    Would be awesome, but slightly out of my price range at the moment :lol: