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    [03x07] February 22, 2019 - Well Aged Scotch

    Anyone know what Clarkson's watch is in the M5 film? Guessing it's an IWC of some sort
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    Tiff Needell Announces The End Of Fifth Gear

    Tiff just tweeted that there's a new series coming in september
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    Jeremy in hospital with pneumonia

    Jesus christ. Get well soon Jezza.
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    Top Gear USA is back from the dead and headed to BBC America

    Maybe they could go to Amazon , they seem to like ex Top Gear presenters....
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    [24x01] March 5th, 2017 - the old track is back!

    It's got a long way to go before i even think about saying i prefer it to GT, but they're off to a good start
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    New TopGear track?

    Maybe having to find a new track will help give new TG it's own identity and move it away from the old version.
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    Star In Rallycross Car AXED From Top Gear

    To be fair it was a decent enough idea , it just took up way too much of the show.
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    Star In Rallycross Car AXED From Top Gear

    Its the daily mail, they're not exactly a shining beacon of journalism besides , they've been wiritng shit like this about top gear for years so why would they stop now?
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    The Grand Tour: Launch Date
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    The Grand Tour

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    The Grand Tour

    Anyone know if this has been filmed? i'd like to watch the whole thing rather than reading snippets on clickbait news sites
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    Video: Even Hitler hates new top gear

    i don't like hitler but we're in the same boat on this one.
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    The best ever Clarkson,Hammond and May Quotes

    There's a few episodes on Netflix that are uncensored.
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    [23x02] June 5th, 2016

    If this had been the first episode they could have avoided a lot of stick.
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    [23x01] May 29th, 2016

    It did feel a bit short, could have done with being 10 - 15 minutes longer.On the plus side Chris H and Rory have the makings of a good double act.