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    Unveiled: 2012/3 Toyota GT-86 (Was FT-86)

    I have a few pictures of the car being tested and shown for the japanese market. Apparently, the car will be called the 86 in Japan, without the "GT". Anyway, here are the pictures, some with different kits on.
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    2010 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

    I do not know if you guys have caught this on screen, but when Hammy was chasing Sutil, twice did the HRT car impede Ham. On one lap, it was clear that Bruno blocked Ham unintentionally, and it was really frustrating to watch them block other cars. When Schumi got out of his car, he took off...
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    2010 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

    Funny thing, i live not far from the track, and it did not rain at all in my place. Not even the sound of thunder. It was bright and sunny, and I was watching the qualifying on tv. Then again, its actually really common for one place to be dry and another place just 10 mins away to experience a...
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    2010 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

    Since the past 8-9 days, the rains have started coming in late into the day. Everyday, massive thunderstorms. Usually around the time when the race will be held. Hopefully the rain does not hit the race, or rains before the race, because when it rains, it pours buckets. I bought grandstands last...
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    Welcome to vBulletin 4! Leave all vB4 feedback/bugs here.

    Has anyone mentioned that in the new posts area, the thread titles are not shown in full? Or is it just me? Thanks.
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    Hamilton ticketed, car impounded in Australia

    I like how Hamilton looks like a little child caught doing a bad bad thing. Its funny how they are trying to hide his face! The mechanics must be thinking, HAH! THEY WONT KNOW WHO HE IS NOW AFTER WE BLOCK THE CAMERA'S VIEW! This clip is awesome!
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    Welcome to vBulletin 4! Leave all vB4 feedback/bugs here.

    Is it possible to have the colour theme and everything as close as possible to the previous one? That was really very easy on the eyes. I used to lurk the forums for like 6-8 hrs a day. I've been on for 5 minutes and actually for the first time all day, my eyes hurt. I kind of liked the...
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    FordGT's Signature Gallery

    WOW! very nice work. You have so much time on your hands to do banners?
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    2010 Formula 1 Season - Official Discussion Thread

    You mean like A1 gp? Would it be just as exciting if it were countries only ?
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    Renntech GLK Hybrid

    Kinda looks like a suzuki monster Tajima. The pikes peak car. Oh. Link provided by Alok provides a whole lotta sense. It is quite cool, except for the colour.
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    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    Peas, may I have moar funny pictures?
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    Autoblog: Report: Cosworth getting its magic mitts on Subaru Impreza WRX STI Right there. :)
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