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    Our "own" car reviews

    Yup, this is what happened to me. Anyone who wants to loan me a car that can make EV's interesting as cars and not just as tech is more than welcome to do so.
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    Random Thoughts....

    That's not a fuck you This! is a fuck you.
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    Random Thoughts....

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    Cadillac Escalade V - 2023

    Well if you would just GET OUT OF THE WAY! :P
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    Bond 25 - "No Time To Die" - due for release April 2020

    I literally have no memory of QoS. Found it very bland and forgettable. Skyfall may be the best. But then again, I do like some schlock and, full disclosure, not a big fan of Craig as Bond.
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    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]

    I needed a work phone when I was much worse financially. Needing it now meant I couldn't look for used, so I went ahead and bought a budget line phone (the Galaxy A03S) It's perfectly fine for "phone" tasks. but when you ask it to do anything more complex (Editing a Word Doc, for example) it...
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    Slow news day: Buick has a redesigned logo

    They reexamine and offer actually interesting vehicles on market segments which have loads of volume. Then you make a halo car. It went rather well the last time they tried it
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    Slow news day: Buick has a redesigned logo

    Good. Now, about the cars it's attached to...
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    Random Thoughts....

    I still have a plush mickey mouse in a parade outfit my parents got for me when I was born. Apparently the effect of the light pattern when you squeezed it was very relaxing for toddler me. It hasn't worked in years and, to be honest, I'm scared of trying to open the battery case to see if they...
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    DeLorean might come back as a luxury EV

    "Marty we have to -" BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
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    Random Thoughts....

    In my experience, the best way to deal with the Credit Card is to cancel if it has a membership fee. If it doesn't remove it from your wallet and amazon account (and others as needed). Put it in an envelope, put the envelope at the bottom of a drawer. If nothing else, it makes it a colossal pain...
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    Random Thoughts....

    Age is going to sleep and waking up the next morning to discover that something that was working perfectly last night isn't today.
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    Covid 19 CRISIS

    Do keep in mind that that's a relative illness risk meter and it's not actually counting deaths, as far as I can tell. just infections per 100k. In post-vaccination, post-booster times, this means pretty much nothing. may as well keep a record of how likely it's that you'll hit a pothole while...
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I hate everything about this thank you.