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    Your Track day toy

    elise all the way
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    Worst cars ever

    what about a honda insight?
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    What's your car?

    i think it is because Opel is considered to be the ricer's car in euro.
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    Chrysler 300C

    yeah, i remeber i have seen a JP ML in universal studio in LA. anyway, about the 300c vs 325. comparing those 2 cars, i think i would go for the 300c. bigger, roomier, more power, looks better. just that i would prefer going to the bimmer dealership servicing my car but not the chrysler with...
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    Your top 7 car garage

    1. Audi RS6 Plus Avant (Mon, Wed, Fri) 2. Aston Martin DB9 (Tue, Thus) 3. Pagani Zonda C12S (exotic) 4. Mini Cooper S Works (for the girlfriend) 5. Lamborghini Murcielago (weakend) 6. Lamborghini Gallardo Roadster (summer open top) 7. Mercedes Benz E55 (taking family out)
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    Its so obvious the stig's death was fake.

    cant wait for those episode i missed become avalible :mrgreen:
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    Its so obvious the stig's death was fake.

    in which episode?
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    Top gear 2004 05 16

    haha, i juz got it figured out, sorry for the dumb question... that was some FAST respond, viper
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    Top gear 2004 05 16

    this may sounds dumb... but what is the spoiler thread anyway?
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    new member

    dont mind at all, hey why dun every new member say "hi" here?
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    new member

    i see, thanks for welcoming me guys 8) great site with friendly people!
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    new member

    grat site! Thanks Viper i wonder how can i get the past 5th gear episode seed? Thanks again viper and anybody's help Gabe
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    Look forward to a brand new look

    very nice site for use who live in the US, looking forward to the new look!