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    Every day car Lambo Murcielago :shock: And who says Lambos are not reliable these days!
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    [06x10] July 31st, 2005

    Wrong episode. By the way, I noticed that there is no identification of the songs that play during the Icelandic offroad/onwater-Jeep section, not just the song I requested before.
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    [06x10] July 31st, 2005

    15:35 anyone? I have seen that it doesn't even appear as 'unknown' in the list.
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    [06x10] July 31st, 2005

    Does anyone know the song that plays at 15:35?
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    [03x05] November 23rd, 2003

    Does anybody know the song that plays at 4:40? Thanks
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    [05x03] November 7th, 2004

    Does anybody know the song that plays at 14:32
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    Video Sizes?

    Current size. A few out here have bandwith limit (2GB or so per month). Quality so far has been excellent. Plus you can get quite a few episodes on a DVD.
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    [05x03] November 7th, 2004

    :shock: Awesome soundtrack for this episode, I really hope Zenon can write a song list.
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    [05x02] October 31st, 2004

    Does anybody know the song that plays at 3:13, where Hammond talks about the Astra's looks?
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    do you watch F1?

    Half the Benetton team (Brawn etc..) followed him to Ferrari, so it wasn't only Michael who transformed Ferrari.
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    do you watch F1?

    That's not what F1 is about, part of F1 is the competition between the different car brands. F1 has always been the technologically most advanced race series. It's not Ferrari's fault that they make better race cars, the others have to try harder, if you look at the history of F1 you will notice...
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    Rotary Engine discussion

    Well I am glad that both kind of engines still exist, because they are both fascinating. The smoothness of the rotary engine is extrordinary (took an RX8 for a test drive yesterday). But I also like piston engines, just listen to the noise of the BMW M3 CSL or an Alfa GTA engine, fantastic...
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    [03x02] November 2nd, 2003

    Can you identify a few more songs of the M3 CSL bit? At 05:20 for example. Thanks in advance!
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    GT Cruisers

    DB9 all the way.